Vanessa Whyte

Goodness gracious Meet The New Wave / Vanessa Whyte Goodness gracious Meet The New Wave / Vanessa Whyte Filmography (so far): cinematographer on BBC’s Murdered For Being Different (2017) and Operator  (2015), Best British Short BAFTA Winner 2016; second unit DP on Broadchurch  (season 3, 2016), Fortitude  (season 1, 2015) and Get Santa  (2014). When … Read more

Leica Thalia: New Lenses for Big Picture Cinematography

Responding to the increasing need for character-driven, large-format optics, CW Sonderoptic introduces the Leica Thalia series of prime lenses. The set of 9 spherical lenses provides an image circle of 60mm diagonal, which covers ARRI Alexa 65, VistaVision, and Super 35 film and digital formats while maintaining a consistent look and feel through all focal … Read more

Lee Filters

Masters Of Light Spotlight / LEE Filters Masters Of Light Spotlight / LEE Filters BY: Ron Prince It is 50 years since brothers John and Benny Lee first incorporated LEE Filters, with their partner David Holmes. Since then, the business has expanded from its original product line in lighting filters for the UK production industry, … Read more

Let’s Celebrate

This year IMAGO is 25 years old. So is Camerimage. And ARRI, as the senior, has 100 years of life. So 2017 is the time to celebrate. The First IMAGO International Awards For Cinematographers This great celebration of the art of cinematography will be staged in Helsinki on October 28th, at a grand black tie … Read more

Greig Fraser ACS ASC used Outsight Sky LEDs on Rogue One

Greig Fraser ACS ASC, cinematographer of features including Lion, Zero Dark Thirty, Foxcatcher, Snow White And The Huntsman and Mary Magdalene (currently in post-production), used Creamsource Sky, the water-resistant, five-colour 1200W LED light system from Outsight, for Lucasfilm’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Fraser first discovered Outsight LED lighting many years ago in Sydney, … Read more

LED Creative introduces new Byte Controller

Designed and built by LED Creative’s in-house technical team, the new Byte Controller is a state-of-the-art unit developed specifically to work in unison with the LED Creative Sigma product range. Created to allow maximum artistic control with minimum programming time, and a greatly reduced DMX footprint, Byte offers precise, intelligent pixel management, and can handle … Read more

Roy H Wagner ASC
“Nothing but the truth”

Nothing but the truth Letter From America / Roy H Wagner ASC HFRPS Nothing but the truth Letter From America / Roy H Wagner ASC HFRPS Here I am, completely enthralled, watching a low-budget B&W film made in 1946. Yet I am unable to sit through the first twenty minutes of “the biggest and best … Read more

Schneider Optics Expands Full and Split Diopter Lineup

Due to growing popularity, Schneider adds new +1/8, +1/4 and +3/4 strengths to their existing range of +1/2, +1, +2, and +3, 138mm close-up Full and Split-field diopter lenses. These essential tools are mainly used to allow sharp focus when too close to the subject for the camera lens to properly focus on its own. … Read more

Impact take delivery of AlphaPix2 from AC-Entertainment

Impact Production Services (IPS) has added nearly 200 aPix2 high-resolution indoor LED video panels to its inventory, supplied by AC Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET). IPS, which offers dry-hire equipment through to complete technical production services for events, approached AC-ET’s specialist video sales division when it was looking to make a significant investment in a high-resolution LED … Read more

Nick Dance BSC shoots The Replacement with Cooke lenses

The Replacement, BBC1’s three-part prime time drama, was shot with Cooke S4/i lenses by Nick Dance BSC. Written and directed by Joe Ahearne and starring Morven Christie and Vicky McLure, the unsettling story follows a woman who falls pregnant just as she lands a big contract at work. Her maternity replacement, Paula, seems ideal at … Read more

UAV Training, 3D Home Cinema & Plasma Lights

UAVs, 3D Cinema & Plasma Lights GBCT News / John Keedwell UAVs, 3D Cinema & Plasma Lights GBCT News / John Keedwell The BSC show was crammed full of great kit and inspirational ideas, in particular the use of aerial shots with helicopters, microlight aircraft and drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/UAVs). Each has its place and … Read more

Barry Ackroyd BSC
“Matter Of Life And Death”

Matter Of Life And Death President’s Perspective / Barry Ackroyd BSC Matter Of Life And Death President’s Perspective / Barry Ackroyd BSC Forgive me if I misquote one of our great philosophers of the 20th century, and former manager of Liverpool Football Club, the great Bill Shankly, who once said, in his syrupy Glaswegian accent, … Read more

Filmscape adds Alexa Mini to its growing inventory

Continuing last season’s drive to enhance and expand its hire stock, digital-imaging company Filmscape has added a pair of Alexa Minis, complete with WCU-4 wireless units, to its camera fleet. Complementing a range of Anamorphics from Cooke, ARRI, Kowa and Lomo that were brought into the Filmscape inventory at the close of 2016, the addition … Read more

“Inspiration” Cinematographers Symposium to take place in Amsterdam

After the successfully and much appreciated Master Classes 2008 and 2011 in Copenhagen and 2013 in Vienna, IMAGO wish to meet again this time in Amsterdam. IMAGO are inviting 4 great cinematographers as guest speakers: Artists, who have shown such a degree of creativity and personal expression that they simply have to meet them, have … Read more

Movietech continues to invest

Specialist independent camera, lens and grip rental house, Movietech is continuing its investment in the latest technology and the addition of new product lines to augment its equipment catalogue. The company has recently introduced a variety of high-end products, such as the TLS re-housed Canon K35 lenses, Cooke’s 35-140mm Anamorphic/i Zoom and the 8K Red … Read more

Steadicam training at Tiffen’s gold UK workshops

Steadicam’s contribution to the broadcast and film industries is well-known. Becoming a top operator is an ambition for many film school students or camera assistants working their way up. However, Steadicam is not ‘put on and go’, it requires training and practice to be able to produce results. Would-be operators recently took a Tiffen Gold … Read more

Remembering Roger Sapsford

A large congregation – including cinematographers, actors, studio, post-house and laboratory heads, former colleagues, as well as family and friends – gathered at St Peters Church, Rickmansworth, on 14th February 2017 to celebrate the life of Roger Sapsford, who passed away on 16th January. One of the industry’s great characters, Sapsford started in the industry … Read more

Leica Cine MacroLux Family Grows By Two

Building on the success of the original Leica Cine MacroLux +1 diopter, CW Sonderoptic is introducing two new diopters in the line, a +2 and a +0.5. Utilizing the same signature Leica optics and coatings as the +1, the new Cine MacroLuxes can be stacked or cut together for consistently beautiful and creative images. The … Read more

Eastman Museum to honour Storaro

The George Eastman Museum in New York will honour Academy Award–winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro AIC ASC with the George Eastman Award on Saturday, March 25th, in recognition of his distinguished contribution to the art of film. The George Eastman Award was established in 1955 as the first retrospective film award to honour artistic work of … Read more

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