The personalities whose vision shaped the past, present and future of the industry

Dave Freeth, Paul Legall | Stabileye

In the world of grip equipment, the Stabileye could one day be king, and is the brainchild of Dave Freeth and Paul Legall, co-directors of the eponymous company. We speak to the pair about their creation's impact on the grip and camera industries.

Steve Shaw

Michael Cioni / Light Iron

The president and co-founder of digital post-production pioneer Light Iron, Michael Cioni, talks about his career and the new breed of 'Technatives'.


P+S Technik

Dan Sasaki

Garrett Brown

Les Zellan

John Buckley & John Venables

Jeff Lawrence

Joe Dunton BSC

Curtis Clark ASC

Jeff Allen / Panavision

Marc Dando / Codex

Franz Kraus