The personalities whose vision shaped the past, present and future of the industry

Rizwan Wadan / Mr Helix

Rizwan Wadan of Mr Helix is a self-taught technician with a passion for providing solutions that extend far beyond revolutionising the way shots are stabilised, from TV hits like Luther to award-winners like The Favourite.

DMG Lumière by Rosco

A relative newcomer, DMG Lumière, which was bought by long-established US lighting manufacturer Rosco in 2017, has retained their branding and headquarters in France, but has also taken on much of the research and development (R&D) for the new parent's product lines as well as its own.

Dave Alex Riddett

During a 35-plus year career, director of photography Dave Alex Riddett, has taken inspiration from inventive pioneers such as Georges Méliès, Ray Harryhausen, Gerry Anderson and Derek Meddings to create his own effects for many Aardman Animation productions, as well as his own work.

Helicopter Film Services

Aerial cinematographer for over 25 years and CEO, Jeremy Braben tells British Cinematographer why Helicopter Film Services (HFS) are still able to deliver the quality and understanding of all in-flight filming requirements.

Otto Nemenz

We celebrate and look back at 40 years of history behind Hollywood's legendary camera shop, Otto Nemenz International - a winner of a Sci Tech Oscar and an award of distinction from the ASC.

Frieder Hochheim

On the advice of a sound recordist suggesting the need for a new type of florescent lamp, Frieder Hochheim founded Kino Flo, a company that has continued to innovate in the world of film lighting. He tells the story to British Cinematographer.

Gerhard Baier – Leitz Cine Wetzlar

Ernst Leitz Wetzlar is the new name of the CW Sonderoptic lens manufacturing company - a homage to Ernst Leitz, who created Leica over a century ago in the German city of Wetzlar. MD Gerhard Baier talks to us about the blossoming of the company.

Glenn Freemantle

Much of the focus of major productions are on the visuals, but we take the time to hail Academy Award winner Glenn Freemantle, a man who has made major innovations in sound, atmosphere and aural mood.

Panasonic at 100

In an era of significant anniversaries, Panasonic reaches its century this year. Delve into their history, including their roots under founder Konosuke Matsushita, how they moved into the AV markets, and why their cameras are evolving from capturing natural history to drama and film.

Tiffen at 80

A leading manufacturer of filters and lens accessories, Tiffen celebrates 80 years in the film and TV industry this year and we take time to tell the story of one of the most recognisable names in the business.

Dave Freeth, Paul Legall | Stabileye

In the world of grip equipment, the Stabileye could one day be king, and is the brainchild of Dave Freeth and Paul Legall, co-directors of the eponymous company. We speak to the pair about their creation's impact on the grip and camera industries.

Steve Shaw

Michael Cioni / Light Iron

The president and co-founder of digital post-production pioneer Light Iron, Michael Cioni, talks about his career and the new breed of 'Technatives'.


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