The European Federation of Cinematographers

The main purpose of the Federation is to champion and uphold the high standards achieved by the Cinematography Profession, and via a constant exchange of experience to promote the spread of that highly-specialised culture on which the long-standing technical and artistic quality of the European Cinema industry is firmly based.

One of the things that most concerns us, is making - by using our artistic and technical knowledge - an even more worthwhile contribution as IMAGO to improving and maintaining technological equipment and also the quality of screening in cinemas.

Thus ensures that all the work that we, together with the directors and their collaborators, put into making a film, and the resulting quality, may be fully appreciated by movie-goers who, in many instances, are nowadays obliged to watch films which, owing to technical inadequacies and shortcomings, do not come up to the standard of the original.

With a view to obtaining the legal recognition which would permit us to more effectively uphold this fundamental requisite of quality, in other words, to defend quality in the cinema, we aim to work simultaneously to have the Cinematographer recognised as co-author of the Film, which the Italian AIC and the Spanish AEC already do in their credits with a more appropriate and correct term that literally translated means "Author of the Photography". Legislative bodies are also beginning to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Directors of Photography (DoP) right to be recognised as co-author, but a great deal of work still has to be done.

Another important field in which IMAGO will take action, both by urging government intervention and becoming directly involved, is the methodical preservation and restoration - which can no longer be delayed - of our vast European cinematic heritage.

Operations such as these, require a financial commitment that is way beyond IMAGO's own possibilities. Even, as far as IMAGO's share is concerned, they cannot be undertaken without the responsible and creative participation, on a permanent rather than casual basis, of Cinematographers who are often the on-the-spot or secondary witnesses of Cinema history in the making.

Paul René Roestad FNF
The 67 year old norwegian Paul René Roestad fnf became president during the General Assembly in Jerusalem with an unanimously vote. The Israeli Society ACT organized for the first time ever an IAGA out of Europe in Jerusalem, 17 of October 2015. He has taken a Master degree of Art (RCA) Film & TV, Royal College of Art, London Paul René Roestad started as a newspaper still photographer, and after his film education in England, started as focus puller on feature films and worked his way into the Norwegian film industry.



Paul René Roestad FNF
Vice-President: Nina Kelgren BSC
Vice-President: Rolf Coulanges BVK

Board Members:
Daniele Nannuzzi, AIC
Elen Lotman ESC
Predrag Bambic SAS
Ron Johanson ACS

Adam Bajerski PSC
Timo Heinanen FSC
Tekin Kurtulus TSC 
Kommer Kleijn SBC
Simon Plum DFF 
Richard Bluck NZCS

Administration: Louis Philippe-Capelle, SBC

IMAGO Legal Advisor: Dr. Cristina Busch 

Adminstration: Louis-Philippe Capelle -
President: Paul René Roestad  -





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