Guild of British Camera Technicians

The Care and Quality of Cinematography
Through Progress and Innovation

The Guild of British Camera Technicians is a not-for-profit association of knowledgeable, qualified and craft trained camera technicians dedicated to upholding quality and standards in the film, television and related media industries.

Its membership comprises professionals working in all camera department roles as well as script supervisors, DIT’s, on-set colourists and specialist technicians in aerial, underwater, 3D and VFX shooting.  Membership is by invitation only which ensures that the highest industry standards are always maintained.

With an amazing array of talent and knowledge, the GBCT Management Board takes pride in the fact that its membership comprises some of the very best technicians in the world.

How the guild started?

The Guild started in 1977 when four technicians - Terry Cole (1AC), John Deaton (1AC), Mike Fox (Camera Operator) and Geoff Glover (Camera Operator) - invited all the camera technicians they knew to attend a meeting at the old Caernarvon Hotel, Ealing Common.

They wanted to form a non-political association that essentially protected the interests and aspirations of a growing freelance workforce.  And, they wanted this new organisation to be an authoritative presence in the industry, to spearhead the development of new talent and to maintain the best and highest standards – to set the bar on best practice and top quality.

The GBCT opened its doors and began operating towards the end of 1977 by starting a company which is limited by guarantee. In addition, it has a Constitution that is relevant, fair and updated to correspond with emerging technologies. The Constitution is carefully monitored by up to 6 Trustees including its founding Trustee, Sir Sydney Samuelson CBE, producer Steve Clark-Hall, cinematographer Phil Méheux BSC and directors Richard Lester and Joe Wright.



GBCT EMAIL / PHONE / +44 (0)20 8813 1999

Panavision Building
Metropolitan Centre
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United Kingdom


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