Junior Agyeman-Owusu

RISING STAR Filmography so far: Feature films: Boxing Day (2021) Branded content: YouTube Legacy, AXA, Swarovski, Shelter – Scotland, Juvenile Consciousness, Rejoice Resist, A Response to Music: Hope Tala – Cherries, Yonaka – Seize the Power, V9 – Do It When did you discover you wanted to work in film and what inspired you to … Read more

Steadicam training at Tiffen’s gold UK workshops

Steadicam’s contribution to the broadcast and film industries is well-known. Becoming a top operator is an ambition for many film school students or camera assistants working their way up. However, Steadicam is not ‘put on and go’, it requires training and practice to be able to produce results. Would-be operators recently took a Tiffen Gold … Read more