British Cinematographer is Europe's No.1 magazine covering the art and craft of international cinematography.

British Cinematographer's goal remains unchanged from the magazine's launch - to celebrate the work of cinematographers – those creative artists who collaborate with directors and play the pivotal role of bringing their visions, and their scripts, to life as moving images.

Since 2004, British Cinematographer Magazine has evolved into an essential read for cinematographers and all those associated with the art of cinematography. Through our print and online offerings we showcase the incredible productions of these talented, image-making artists, enquire why they make their creative and technical choices before we discover how they put their ideas into action.

The bi-monthly publication magazine has expanded from its British-focussed origins to also encompass the talents of the greatest cinematographers worldwide – whether they are working on small-budget independents or the largest Hollywood blockbusters, shooting on celluloid or digital. More often than not, and to our great delight, British cinematographers continue to make a fair share of the best moving pictures you will ever see.


Issue 01 - September 2004
Issue 01 - September 2004

As everyone knows, however, production is a collaborative, team effort. Which is why we also include in our pages the other talented people, plus dedicated service companies and manufacturers, who are engaged in the ever-evolving image-making pipeline – from camera into post production and beyond.

Along with the cinematographers who have taken us into their confidences, we would like to thank all of our friends around the world for their support. Firstly, the BSC, and the BSC Committee members, along with our dedicated editorial and design teams who have helped shape the magazine. We cherish too, the endorsement, and regular input, of the Guild of British Camera Technicians, IMAGO, the International Federation of Cinematographers, as well as wonderful connections with cinematographic societies and agents around the world.

Most of all we thank our readers, patrons and advertisers for being so loyal and for supporting us all the way. Without you the British Cinematographer team could not have achieved what we have, and what we want to do in the future.

We will continue to serve and champion cinematographers, and everyone associated with the art of cinematography, for years to come – as this unique and fascinating industry continues to evolve.


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