Take a sneak peek inside the November 2021 issue of British Cinematographer

The November 2021 issue of British Cinematographer is now here! You can find out more about the exclusive interviews and articles you can expect to find inside our action-packed 108th edition now by reading on… GREIG FRASER ASC ACS ON DUNE Interpreting Frank Herbert’s novel Dune for the screen saw a team with imagination and … Read more

IMAGO pays tribute to Peter Dubovitz HSC

IMAGO released the following statement: “Peter was not only an outstanding cinematographer but also a great warmhearted person of attitude. His noble modesty belied the fact that he was an essential pillar in the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers (HSC). With all his might, he successfully campaigned for his colleagues. When the HSC, in the person … Read more

IMAGO publishes urgent call for increased safety measures following death of Halyna Hutchins

IMAGO’s Working Conditions Committee has released the following statement: “Halyna Hutchins was a highly qualified cinematographer, wife, and mother with a zest for life and enthusiasm for her job, who died because the safety measures on a set were catastrophically neglected! This fits perfectly into the picture of filming, in which some union members of … Read more

FilmLight reveals Colour Awards shortlist

The shortlist has been revealed for the inaugural FilmLight Colour Awards. From over 300 entries, the judging panel has announced a shortlist of 14 remarkable projects in four categories that features talented productions and crews from across the globe. The final list for the hotly-contested award for grading a theatrical feature are: Das Massaker von Anröchte (The Massacre of … Read more

IMAGO: Working Conditions Committee

Author: Kurt Brazda, Chair, IMAGO Working Conditions Committee FILMMAKING NEEDS EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY Achieving family-friendly working conditions connected with fair pay and social protection of all working individuals in a European market with different social standards, different financing, and difficult distribution structures can no longer be resolved at national level. This requires a common European political will, which we … Read more

IMAGO Authorship Committee’s letter to the Austrian Minister of Justice

Below is the official IMAGO statement: Dear Federal Minister Zadic, Dear Section Head Dr. Kathrei, Preliminary observation: The IMAGO Authorship Committee (AC) has been founded nearly at the same time as IMAGO itself in Rome December 13, 1992 on the initiative of the Italian cinematographer and the President of the Italian cinematographer’s Association (AIC), Luciano Tovoli, and with … Read more

Take a sneak peek inside the September 2021 issue of British Cinematographer

We’re delighted to announce that the September 2021 issue of British Cinematographer is now here! You can find out more about the incredible interviews and articles you can expect to find inside our 107th edition now by reading on… BEN RICHARDSON ASC ON MARE OF EASTTOWN In this month’s cover story special, Ben Richardson ASC shares fascinating insight into his … Read more

Introducing IMAGO’s newly elected administrative team

IMAGO – the International Federation of Cinematographers – is pleased to announce that at the recent Extraordinary Annual General Assembly – held on Saturday 4th September – a new administrative team was elected. During the assembly, the IMAGO board was increased in size and two new co-presidents were elected. You can find details of IMAGO’s … Read more

Take a sneak peek inside the July 2021 issue of British Cinematographer

The July 2021 issue of British Cinematographer is now here! You can find out more about just some of the fascinating interviews and articles you can expect to find inside our latest edition now by reading on… JAMES LAXTON ASC ON THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD In our cover story special, we catch up with cinematographer James Laxton ASC to find out more … Read more

IMAGO announces board and membership fee updates following annual general assembly

On 12 June, IMAGO held its first electronic annual general assembly (IAGA). The IAGA is the sovereign body of IMAGO and the fact that 31 countries took part in discussions lasting almost five hours was proof of IMAGO’s vibrancy and relevance in today’s world. Making use of new Belgian laws, IMAGO put in place the … Read more

Mike Eley BSC: “Opportunity for change”

OPPORTUNITY FOR CHANGE No great release. Instead, a slow, tentative emerging from the foxhole, like the shell-shocked combatant who senses the bombardment has finally stopped and they can peer out once again to the wider world. It’s been said enough times the last twelve months and one would dearly like it to be true; as … Read more

IMAGO: Diversity and Inclusion Committee

MARKING CHANGE In 2016, at one of the first meetings of a newly elected IMAGO Board, Nina Kellgren BSC proposed an additional committee to start tackling the lack of diversity within cinematography. The IMAGO Diversity and Inclusion Committee was established, with Elen Lotman ESC and Kellgren as Co-Chairs. Co-incidentally, the ASC Vision Committee was also … Read more

Take a sneak peek inside the May 2021 issue of British Cinematographer

The May 2021 issue of British Cinematographer is now here! You can find out more about just some of the incredible interviews and exclusive articles you can expect to find inside this not-to-be-missed edition now by reading on… POLLY MORGAN BSC ASC ON A QUIET PLACE PART II In our latest cover story special, we catch up with cinematographer Polly … Read more

IMAGO launches new authorship rights survey

The IMAGO Authorship  Committee has been working on a new survey in order to assess the authorship status for cinematographers worldwide.  The objective of the survey is to collect information on certain aspects of the relevant laws and regulations worldwide and aims to provide an overview on cinematographers’ Authorship conditions on cinema and audio visual arts.  For this reason, IMAGO created an easy … Read more

The IMAGO Education Committee Board chooses Philippe Cordey SCS BVK as next IEC Chairman

IMAGO has announced that the IMAGO Education Committee Board has chosen Philippe Cordey SCS BVK as its next IEC Chairman. Cordey has gathered extensive cinematography experience during the last 35+ years shooting feature films, doc films and commercials. He has strong experience in associative work: former President of the Swiss Film Technicians Association (1989-1992), SCS … Read more

IMAGO updates model contract for cinematographers

Several years ago, IMAGO published a model contract for cinematographers with comments and a checklist or guidelines for working conditions. IMAGO’s proposal admitted expressly that it was not a standard contract, which could function in all countries, but IMAGO understood the former document as a “check-list” for member associations and an attempt to professionalise on … Read more

CineGear ON AIR presents ‘IMAGO: Join the Conversations’

The International Federation of Cinematographers (IMAGO) is opening up its Diversity and Inclusion as well as its Technical committees to members, cinematographers and friends via Zoom on 24 March 2021. IMAGO is an active global network created to bring cinematographers together to discuss solutions to common challenges, promote the art of cinematography globally, and share … Read more

IMAGO: Collaborative spirit

Our industry and particularly our field of cinematography is in a constant state of change. It begs the question, are we as cinematographers fully versed with what our role really is, given the range of new technologies? Has it become clouded and do people know and understand who or what the cinematographer is and what … Read more

Sony and IMAGO Technical Committee join forces to offer sharpness control

Sony and the IMAGO Technical Committee have announced that, following several meetings at IBC exhibitions, one of the requests from cinematographers, DITs and colourists gathered by the Technical Committee (ITC) in its latest survey, has been fulfilled by Sony’s Japanese engineers. Analysis of the Request to Manufacturers survey launched nearly two years ago by the … Read more

IMAGO helps deliver Sony’s COVID-19 relief funds to international cinematography community

IMAGO, the International Federation of Cinematographers, has distributed financial grants from Sony Corporation’s Global Relief Fund for COVID-19, in support of the international cinematography community, via its worldwide membership base. The grants were part of Sony’s global initiative to deliver $100 million of support to three main areas: the frontline medical community, children and educators, … Read more

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