Ideal Insight create infographic highlighting the use of the London Underground in cinema

The London Underground is one of the most iconic elements of the capital, but did you know that it isn’t just commuters and tourists who make use of the stations? Tube stations are one of the most popular filming locations for blockbusters. When it comes to video production in London, location is one of the most … Read more

Greig Fraser ACS ASC used Outsight Sky LEDs on Rogue One

Greig Fraser ACS ASC, cinematographer of features including Lion, Zero Dark Thirty, Foxcatcher, Snow White And The Huntsman and Mary Magdalene (currently in post-production), used Creamsource Sky, the water-resistant, five-colour 1200W LED light system from Outsight, for Lucasfilm’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Fraser first discovered Outsight LED lighting many years ago in Sydney, … Read more

How Pinewood Digital went rogue with Alexa 65

Pinewood Digital spent two years supporting Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – from the initial camera tests through to the VFX and drama pull delivery. The project, shot entirely on the Alexa 65 by Greig Fraser ACS ASC, presented the team with the opportunity to rethink its entire approach to dailies. “We have certain … Read more

Pinewood MBS lighting delivers Skypanel stock

Pinewood MBS Lighting’s sizable collection of ARRI SkyPanel LED softlights has been prepped and dispatched on new productions. A popular choice with cinematographers and crew, recent additions to the growing roster of the company’s clients to have utilised SkyPanels, include: Greig Fraser ASC and gaffers Perry Evans/Jamie Mills on Rogue One, Steve Yedlin ASC and … Read more

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