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Masters Of Light Spotlight / LEE Filters Masters Of Light Spotlight / LEE Filters BY: Ron Prince It is 50 years since brothers John and Benny Lee first incorporated LEE Filters, with their partner David Holmes. Since then, the business has expanded from its original product line in lighting filters for the UK production industry, … Read more

Tiffen launches variable viewing filter

Tiffen has launched its new Variable Viewing Filter, incorporating Tiffen’s Variable ND filter and offering indexed 2-8 stops, with the ability to add any 49mm ring filter from the Tiffen range. Users can add neutral density filters to increase the stop-range, UV filters and polarisers, or even special FX and diffusion filters for pre-visualisation of … Read more

Panavision unveils Next Generation Pana ND Filters

Panavision has announced the availability of PanaND filters, which benefit from advances in materials and manufacturing to deliver colour neutrality accurately. “Until now, cinematographers using traditional ND filters to control exposure have always had to deal with colour shifting and optical performance degradation,” said Haluki Sadahiro, Panavision’s director of new product development. “Unlike traditional filters, … Read more

Tiffen celebrates 75 years

Family Affair Special Report / Tiffen Celebrates 75 years Family Affair Special Report / Tiffen Celebrates 75 years Today The Tiffen Company is known worldwide as a manufacturer of camera support equipment for video, movies and stills and owns eleven well-known brands. It started in 1938 with three people, Nat Tiffen and his two brothers … Read more

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