VMI helps launch UK’s first apprenticeship standard for camera technicians

Back in 2019, VMI managing director, Barry Bassett, contacted the TV industry body ScreenSkills to investigate whether it might be possible to set up a formal apprenticeship standard for UK camera rental companies. The idea was that this programme would include a high level of training to enable school leavers to enter the industry and … Read more

Cooke S7/i Full Frame Plus lenses add visual clarity to Behind Her Eyes

Cinematographer Felix Wiedemann, BSC chose Cooke Optics’ S7/i Full Frame Plus prime lenses to shoot Behind Her Eyes, a six-part mystery-drama for Netflix. Based on the eponymous novel by Sarah Pinborough, the story follows Louise, a single mum with a son and a part-time job in a psychiatrist’s office. Louise begins an affair with her … Read more

Dick Pope BSC / Motherless Brooklyn

Whodunnit? Dick Pope BSC / Motherless Brooklyn Whodunnit? Dick Pope BSC / Motherless Brooklyn WANT TO READ IT ALL? Below is only a teaser, and the full interview can be found in the November 2019 issue (96) of British Cinematographer magazine. If you purchase a year’s digital subscription from just £30, or a year’s all-inclusive … Read more

Ari Wegner ACS / In Fabric

Blood Red Ari Wegner ACS / In Fabric Blood Red Ari Wegner ACS / In Fabric Presented as a distorted, hyper-real vision of Britain in the 1970s, director Peter Strickland portrays the zombifying effects of consumerism in his most recent feature, In Fabric, in which a cursed, blood-red dress brings devastating consequences to whoever wears … Read more

Andy Alderslade loves long takes on I’m Not In Love

DP Andy Alderslade wrote in with details about I’m Not in Love, a romantic comedy set in North London, directed by Col Spector, starring Al Weaver and Cristina Catalina. “Col approached me for his third feature, I’m Not in Love. It’s about Rob (Al Weaver) who, on receiving a marriage ultimatum from his girlfriend Marta, … Read more

Sony Venice used to capture Official Secrets

Sony’s Venice motion picture camera system has been used for principal photography on a new political thriller Official Secrets, directed by Gavin Hood, and produced by Ged Doherty, Elizabeth Fowler and Melissa Zuo. Entertainment One (eOne) produced and financed the film with Screen Yorkshire and Zuo’s company GS Media. Boasting an impressive cast, including Keira … Read more

Pinewood Creative Services

Global view Spotlight / Pinewood Creative Services Global view Spotlight / Pinewood Creative Services Pinewood has a special name in the world of filmmaking, conjuring-up images of James Bond, Batman and Superman, and more recently film sagas such as the Marvel cinematic universe and Star Wars. But the Pinewood Group offers more than just massive … Read more

Dick Pope BSC / Peterloo

Out For Blood Dick Pope BSC /Peterloo Out For Blood Dick Pope BSC /Peterloo WANT TO READ IT ALL? Below is only a teaser, and the full interview can be found in the November 2018 issue (90) of British Cinematographer magazine. If you purchase a year’s digital subscription from just £30, or a year’s all-inclusive … Read more

Movietech Deploys Sony Venice on inaugural European feature

Camera, lens and grip specialist, Movietech, dispatched its newly-acquired Sony Venice camera to support cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister BSC on Official Secrets, the camera system’s debut on a European feature. Directed by Gavin Hood, Official Secrets, which stars Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes and Matt Smith, is based around the true story of Katharine Gun, the former … Read more

Edward Ames GBCT shoots low-budget war drama The Last Witness

“Shooting the noir, post-war thriller, The Last Witness, for director Piotr Szkopiak, was right up my street in terms of style and look,” notes DP Edward Ames GBCT. “Set in 1947, this is a fictional re-imagining of a true, bloody and heart-breaking tale about a journalist who uncovers the horrific murder of 22,000 Polish soldiers … Read more

Movietech sizes-up new large format lensing options

In preparation for the new wave of large format camera systems, independent image capture specialist Movietech, is offering the UK’s first set of the brand new, custom-made lenses from Whitepoint Optics. The acquisition of the new lenses is part of Movietech’s on-going programme of investment in the very latest imaging technology that includes Ultra HD … Read more

Movietech Debuts Summicron-C Cine Lenses

Independent camera, lens and grip equipment supplier Movietech, has introduced the latest members of the new Leica Summicron-C premium prime family of lenses, in the shape of the 40mm and 15mm T2.0. The Summicron-C range offers sharp, consistent focus with plenty of depth-of-field in a lightweight yet sturdy package, making them particularly suitable for use … Read more

Movietech introduce RED Epic Dragon 6K accessory rig

Movietech has custom built a new rig centering around a RED Epic Dragon 6K camera body, modified by the in-house engineering team to incorporate a suite of innovative upgrades that allow total compatibility with a wide variety of Epic accessories and attachments. Developed to expand the capabilities of the Epic Dragon, the accessory rig, exclusively … Read more

Movietech continues to invest

Specialist independent camera, lens and grip rental house, Movietech is continuing its investment in the latest technology and the addition of new product lines to augment its equipment catalogue. The company has recently introduced a variety of high-end products, such as the TLS re-housed Canon K35 lenses, Cooke’s 35-140mm Anamorphic/i Zoom and the 8K Red … Read more

Movietech first with TLS Canon K35 lenses

Independent camera, lens and grip specialist, Movietech, has augmented its hire stock with the introduction of the new TLS re-housed Canon K35 series lenses, including a UK first with the T1.5 18mm. Covering all models within the K35 range, and re-housed by industry specialist True Lens Service, these upgraded versions retain the features, feel and … Read more

Movietech turns 25

Independent camera, grip and lens specialist Movietech is celebrating 25 years of support for the cinematographic arts. From humble beginnings in North West London, where its first fully-serviced production was Damage, filmed with Peter Biziou BSC, Movietech has evolved over a quarter of a century to become regarded as one of the most experienced, reliable … Read more

Movietech stays focussed on lens compatibility and choice

Amid the latest developments in both contemporary and traditional imaging methods, camera, lens and grip specialist Movietech is making sure it remains focussed on compatibility with all formats, particularly when it comes to lenses. As an independent equipment provider, Movietech has made significant investment in products from a variety of industry-leading manufacturers to ensure cinematographers … Read more

Movietech first in Europe with new Cooke Anamorphics

Independent camera, lens and grip specialist Movietech has announced the arrival of Europe’s first new Cooke 35-140mm Anamorphic/i Zoom lenses. Featuring an award-winning cam-style mechanism for smooth focus adjustments, these true, front anamorphic zooms shoot from ultra-wide angle to telephoto with a 4x zoom ratio. With a linear iris and oval bokeh throughout zoom and … Read more

New equipment produces results for Movietech

Following a period of investment, the independent, Pinewood Studios-based camera, lens and grip specialist Movietech is seeing its newly-introduced product lines being embraced by an impressive roster of cinematographers. Having acquired some of the industry’s latest digital technology – in the form of RED Weapon cameras, plus hi-resolution lensing options from Leica, Fujinon and Cooke … Read more

Movietech introduces new Dual Viewfinder

Movietech has launched the Dual Viewfinder, designed and precision-engineered by the company’s in-house product development team. Featuring ARRI 435 ground-glass, housed in an anodised aluminium body with a PL mount, the unit is accurate, balanced, ergonomically styled and fully-compatible with both spherical and Anamorphic lens systems. Supplied in its own flightcase and exclusively available from … Read more