Tiffen at 80

Family Jewels Innovator / Tiffen Family Jewels Innovator / Tiffen Lead image: Nat Tiffen accepting the Scientific and Engineering Oscar BY: Kevin Hilton Not all companies start out in the business that they later become best known for. Tiffen began as a metal machining firm in New York, producing components that were used for fitting … Read more

Schneider Optics Expands Full and Split Diopter Lineup

Due to growing popularity, Schneider adds new +1/8, +1/4 and +3/4 strengths to their existing range of +1/2, +1, +2, and +3, 138mm close-up Full and Split-field diopter lenses. These essential tools are mainly used to allow sharp focus when too close to the subject for the camera lens to properly focus on its own. … Read more

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