Filmscape adds Alexa Mini to its growing inventory

Mar 20, 2017

Continuing last season’s drive to enhance and expand its hire stock, digital-imaging company Filmscape has added a pair of Alexa Minis, complete with WCU-4 wireless units, to its camera fleet.

Complementing a range of Anamorphics from Cooke, ARRI, Kowa and Lomo that were brought into the Filmscape inventory at the close of 2016, the addition of the compact, lightweight Alexa Minis further supplement the company’s professional camera offering.

Speaking about the recent acquisitions, Filmscape MD Kevin Harvey said, “The Alexa Mini is a fantastic addition to our hire stock and broadens the range of digital image capture solutions we offer. Along with our recent intake of Anamorphics and some exciting developments by our engineering team, our inventory has experienced exceptional recent growth which sets a great precedent for 2017.”

The arrival of the new stock has proven to be a hit with clients, with the Alexa Mini heading straight out with cinematographers Rob Kitzmann and Oli Russell on Loaded, whilst Filmscape are also supporting Aaron Reid on 10×10 and Dan Stafford Clark on Catastrophe.

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