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Mapping the way to a new industry standard

Equipped for a new reality

Ask the experts

A new way of working

Case Study / Dinosaurs: The Final Day with David Attenborough

Reshape the LED volume, not your creative vision

Comandante: Reconfiguring virtual production in near real-time

ROE Visual conjures GhostFrame with partners AGS and Megapixel VR

Filming the future

Case Study / 1899

Train to gain in the virtual world

Roll call

Introduction: Learning on the virtual production job

Empowering virtual talent

Immersed in the future

Case Study / Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

A thing of dreams

Case Study / Coldplay

Light fantastic

Innovate to elevate

Editor’s note: A new world of possibility

Virtual veteran

Thinking outside the box

Dedicated to development

Two eyes, one sensor


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