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Deconstructing Film Lighting || Masterclass by gaffer Julian White

Julian White tells us about the different lighting sources that are used in film and what effect they can give. We see behind the scenes footage compared with the shot in the film. What is the difference between fluorescents and LED?

BSC: A Restrospective with Roger Deakins CBE ASC BSC

Roger Deakins CBE ASC BSC with James Deakins and Gary Hymns (Key Grip) discuss their work on 1917

The Cinematography of Joker || Case Study || Lawrence Sher

Lawrence Sher talks to us about filming Joker. What made the style? What challenges did they face? What were some unique scenarios?

The Irishman Cinematography Featurette by Rodrigo Prieto

A veteran of the cinematography world, Rodrigo Prieto has collaborated with Martin Scorsese on three feature films that include The Wolf of Wall Street, Silence and The Irishman. In this video, he deconstructs some of the photographic decisions they made in The Irishman and how he first met Scorsese. Interviewed at Camerimage 2019.

How & Why I choose lenses || Bradford Young || Spotlight

We discuss with Bradford Young the steps he takes into choosing his lenses. Why is getting closer to the subject better? What effect does it create?

Lighting Masterclass || Billy Williams || Masterclass

We speak to Billy Williams about his lighting experience on films such as Gandhi. He talks about matching shots, how to use natural lighting and much more.

Cinematography Masterclass: Filming Night Scenes | Roundtable

The first of a new roundtable series featuring world-renowned cinematographers. In this masterclass, they discuss some of the best approaches to filming exterior night shots. Topics include types of lighting fixtures to use, handling locations and permissions and cinematography techniques.

Using colour in cinematography || Seamus McGarvey || Masterclass

Seamus talks to us about the use of colour in his films. He tells us about what characteristics some colours can have and how they can be used to create emotion or define a character.

Utilising Natural Lighting & Long Takes || Ben Davis || Spotlight

Ben Davis talks to us about how to utilise natural lighting. How can you use the location to your advantage? How should one shots be used?

Pixar Cinematographers Deconstruct Onward - Exclusive Behind the Scenes Video

An exclusive behind the scenes look at Pixar’s Onward. In this episode, Pixar cinematographers Adam Habib and Sharon Calahan give us an insight into the minds of the Camera and Lighting DP’s (Director of Photography).

Cinematographers: What is your favourite light and why? || Spotlight

We asked various cinematographers what their favourite light is to use? We got an assortment of answers from soft arc lighting to source 4.