James Laxton ASC / The Underground Railroad

THE ROAD TO FREEDOM Ambitious 10-part Amazon series The Underground Railroad sees James Laxton ASC and Barry Jenkins unite once again, this time to tell a powerful story rooted in the history of the American South and atrocities of slavery. Cinematography with a unique tonal quality and authenticity documents courageous Cora’s epic journey as she … Read more

Cooke Optics’ lenses bring reality to the dual worlds of AMC’s Kevin Can F**k Himself

In the comedic dual worlds of Kevin Can F**k Himself, coming to AMC in the summer of 2021, cinematographer Adrian Peng Correia relied on Cooke Optics S7/i Full Frame prime lenses for the striking visual voice of reality as opposed to the surreal world of the 4-camera sitcom world.  Kevin Can F**k Himself is the story about a woman (Annie Murphy) who keeps playing a perfect housewife. Then, … Read more

Lachlan Milne ACS NZCS / Minari

ROOTED IN REALITY Personal memories and tender snapshots of family life are captured with grace and compassion in Minari, a semi-autobiographical story of a Korean American family making brave sacrifices in the quest for a better life.  Lachlan Milne ACS NZCS was wrapping the final day of filming action-adventure Love and Monsters in Queensland when he received the call from his agent, brimming with excitement at the prospect of the Australian cinematographer’s … Read more

Ashley Barron ACS / The Tailings

ISLAND LIFE Australian films and television have always reflected the country’s two landscapes: the fertile, more urbanised coastal regions and the huge, central interior known as the Outback. In recent years, the darker side of isolated, small town communities has become a focus for filmmakers, with The Tailings ostensibly the latest example of the genre. … Read more

Benjamin Kračun / Promising Young Woman

SWEET REVENGE Blurring the lines of genre and boasting a unique and distinct narrative concept, Promising Young Woman demanded filmmaking prowess and bold imagery that similarly did not follow conventions.  “Beautiful and dangerous.” Emphasis was placed on these words when Promising Young Woman director Emerald Fennell shared her vision of the film’s protagonist Cassie (Carey … Read more

Charlotte Bruus Christensen ASC / Black Narcissus

SPIRITUAL JOURNEY Delicate camera movement and a palette inspired by the early Technicolor filmmaking process tell a story of stifled desires unfolding in a colourful world almost removed from reality.  Cinematographer Charlotte Bruus Christensen ASC ventured into directorial territory for the first time when making three-part mini-series Black Narcissus – the BBC, DNA Films and FX co-production based … Read more

David Procter / Black Beauty

NATURAL BEAUTY When lensing the modern retelling of Black Beauty, cinematographer David Procter’s pursuit of an authentic world was central in creating an empathetic connection with the audience and ensuring the film’s core themes remain relatable. Writer/director Ashley Avis’s contemporary take on the much-loved classic Black Beauty relocates the narrative of Anna Sewell’s 1877 novel … Read more

Simona Susnea / Audrey: More Than An Icon

STAR QUALITY Cinematographer Simona Susnea’s lensing of powerful dance sequences inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s love of ballet support a documentary’s narrative and focus on pivotal moments in the star’s life. Director Helen Coan adopted a different approach for Audrey: More Than an Icon, the feature documentary exploring the life of Hollywood star, fashion icon and … Read more

Joshua James Richards / Nomadland

ON THE ROAD Joshua James Richards shoots the third feature film from director Chloé Zhao – the intimate story of self-discovery, Nomadland. The United States’ growing population of middle-aged drifters, many being forced out of their homes by the 2008 recession and on to the road, is the subject of director Chloé Zhao’s third feature. … Read more

Filmmaker Dekel Berenson and DP Volodymyr Ivanov explore their creative collaboration on Anna

Israeli born British filmmaker Dekel Berenson is inspired by the stories of brave and determined women worldwide. Karen Pyudik finds out about his latest creation Anna and collaboration with Ukranian DP Volodymyr Ivanov. Dekel Berenson wanted to construct Anna out of the five stories connected thematically, with his creative analysis theme being individuals who experience … Read more

Martyna Knitter / Rose

DARK SECRET Realistic lighting, skilful Steadicam work and clever use of dolly and crane shots helped convey isolation in Rose, a chilling tale of a couple who shut themselves away from the world to conceal a deadly secret. Jennifer Sheridan’s directorial debut, Rose, is a claustrophobic horror plus a tale of love. Rose (Sophie Rundle) … Read more

Cooke Panchro/i Classic lenses bring The Chosen to life

Cinematographer Akis Konstantakopoulos GSC mixed natural lighting, handheld camera work and Cooke Panchro/i Classic Prime lenses to bring a natural and informal dimension to The Chosen, a multi-season TV show charting the life of Jesus Christ. “If you normally find Bible projects boring or unrelatable, like I do, this will feel different. And I like … Read more

Legacy of Lies gets blockbuster treatment

“Anamorphic was a must to give us that blockbuster look,” said Rowling who tested a number of lenses based on what would be available from Patriot Rental in the Ukraine for location shooting before choosing Cooke Anamorphic/i zooms. “I knew what the Cooke lenses were capable of [since] I used them on my first anamorphic … Read more

Denis Crossan BSC / Our Ladies

TEEN SPIRIT Denis Crossan BSC/Our Ladies   TEEN SPIRIT Denis Crossan BSC/Our Ladies Cinematographer Denis Crossan BSC had previously worked with director Michael Caton-Jones on a brace of movies, plus a hit TV series, before linking up once again to shoot the Hollywood veteran helmer’s personal passion project, Our Ladies, releasing later in 2020 by … Read more

MacGregor / Vivarium

Cuckoo! MacGregor/Vivarium CUCKOO! MacGregor/Vivarium Hoping to find the perfect place to settle down, Gemma (Imogen Poots) and Tom (Jesse Eisenberg), travel to a suburban neighbourhood where all the houses look identical. But, when they try to leave the labyrinthine development, named ‘Yonder’, each road mysteriously takes them back to where they started. They quickly discover … Read more

Oona Menges / The Host

Amsterdam Secrets Oona Menges / The Host Amsterdam Secrets Oona Menges / The Host BY: Ron Prince “Every single day we had to think on our feet with things changing, but my crew flowed like water, and I am pleased with the work we all did and what we achieved together to get the images … Read more

DP George Burt on G-LOC

DP George Burt wrote in with details about his work on the low-budget (less than £2m) sci-fi thriller G-LOC. Directed by Tom Paton, it is the story of a young man who has fled from Earth to find a new home on planet Rhea, where the early human settlers have decided they will no longer … Read more

Eben Bolter BSC / Avenue 5

Satire In Space Eben Bolter BSC / Avenue 5 Satire In Space Eben Bolter BSC / Avenue 5 BY: Michael Burns With a spaceship-sized set, comic timing, a thousand-strong cast, integrated lighting, and a devastating fire, British cinematographer Eben Bolter BSC and the crew of Avenue 5 steered Armando Iannucci’s sci-fi epic to the screen. … Read more

March 2020: Just One Language – Visual Language

Just one language – visual language Across The Pond / Mark London Williams Just one language – visual language Across The Pond / Mark London Williams By the time you read this in March – which side of the “Ides” you find yourself on – the Oscars and award season itself will be, as previously … Read more

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