Take a sneak peek inside the March 2022 issue of British Cinematographer

The March 2022 issue of British Cinematographer is now here! You can find out more about the exclusive interviews and articles you can find inside our BSC Expo 2022 special edition now by reading on… DAN LAUSTSEN ASC DFF ON NIGHTMARE ALLEY In our cover story special, we catch up with Dan Laustsen ASC DFF to discuss his time lensing neo-noir psychological thriller Nightmare Alley – based on the 1946 novel … Read more

COCO-MODO announce new battery adapters for the RED Komodo

The Munich-based battery manufacturer Bebob is expanding its extensive portfolio of adapters for V-Mount and Gold-Mount batteries with two new models for the RED Komodo: Via the COCO-MODO-V and COCO-MODO-A the camera can be operated with V- or Gold-Mount batteries – which ensures a much longer runtime than the (supplied) Canon BP 955. COCO-MODO: Robust adapter with versatile applications … Read more

RED launches next generation DSMC3 camera system – the V-RAPTOR  8K VV

RED Digital Cinema has unveiled the new V-RAPTOR  8K VV camera, launching its first entrant into the next generation DSMC3 platform. Building on RED’s bold dedication to advancing image quality, the camera is RED’s most powerful to date. It features the highest dynamic range, fastest cinema-quality sensor scan time, cleanest shadows, and highest frame rates of … Read more

July 2021: Summer tolls and 3am strolls

Normally, we aim to get the end-of-June column in ahead of the 4th of July, so everything can be edited and laid out ahead of the holiday, which of course isn’t one at British Cinematographer’s home office. But here in the LA field bureau, we still have some of those familiar calendar rhythms to mark … Read more

Matthew Goodman, Erin Ranney & Mark Sharman / Wildlife Cinematography

WILD THINGS As natural history production explodes, programmers are looking to connect audiences with wildlife in new ways. Three wildlife cinematographers shooting with RED cameras share the techniques and technology they use to capture the natural world. It just might be the golden age of natural history programming. BBC, PBS, National Geographic, and Discovery, the traditional homes of wildlife documentaries, are being … Read more

Watch Netflix’s behind-the-scenes footage of Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead

In this installment of Netflix Film Club’s Snyder School, Army of the Dead director and cinematographer Zack Snyder covers topics such as cinematography, lighting and stunt coordination. Snyder sits down with RED Digital Cinema president Jarred Land to discuss using the RED MONSTRO Sensor to get the most out of the amazing re-housed vintage Canon … Read more

Inside Disney+’s Secrets of the Whales

The opening shot of a bubble rising to the surface of the ocean lasts 24 seconds. “This is the breath of a giant,” informs Sigourney Weaver’s narration. “Not just any giant – but a sleeping one.” The shot tilts down and we see a forest of sperm whales as still as statues underwater.   It’s an astonishing, beautiful and fascinating glimpse into … Read more

RED Digital Cinema supports Oscar winners Mank and My Octopus Teacher

With Oscar wins in the cinematography and documentary categories, productions shot on RED Digital Cinema capped off a successful awards season for the company. Erik Messerschmidt, ASC took the Best Cinematography prize for his black-and-white photography of Mank. Messerschmidt was a favorite going into Sunday night’s ceremony after winning awards from his peers at the … Read more

Mo-Sys expands LA sales and commercial team

Mo-Sys Engineering, virtual production and image robotics specialist, announced the appointment of Tanner Woodward as sales director, West Coast US. Arriving at Mo-Sys with extensive industry experience, Woodward joins from RED Digital Cinema, where he spent five years managing existing channel partners and establishing new dealer networks, as well as creating the corporate creative vertical. Working with a wide variety of creatives, from small content … Read more

Underwater cinematographer Roger Horrocks on My Octopus Teacher and Our Planet

In the latest installment of RED’s Behind the Look: That Shot series, award-winning underwater cinematographer Roger Horrocks discusses the importance of filming wildlife and how the stories and powerful imagery of Netflix’s My Octopus Teacher and Our Planet can impact the creators as well as the audience. Watch the fascinating interview in the video below…

DP Peter Berglund shares the production story of D.O.A. – The Movie

A few years ago, my dear friend Kurt St. Thomas invited me to his house in St. Augustine, Florida for a long weekend to look at possible locations and discuss his plans to shoot a remake of the noir classic movie D.O.A. He wanted to make it as historically accurate as possible – a period … Read more

Stéphane Fontane AFC reveals how he created the look for Ammonite

The love affair between two women transcends the boundaries of class and prejudice in director Francis Lee’s follow up to the acclaimed romantic drama God’s Own Country. The based-on-fact relationship between amateur fossil hunter Mary Anning (Kate Winslet) and rich, young bride Charlotte Murchison (Saoirse Ronan) in 1840s England is written by Lee as a … Read more

Bojan Bazelli ASC turns on the style for 6 Underground

Although director Michael Bay leaned heavily on VFX for the Transformers movie series, the director’s reputation for spectacular action sequences shot in-camera remains undiminished. Case in point: 6 Underground, a high-concept blockbuster in the mould of The Rock, Pearl Harbour and Bad Boys. “He has definitely trademarked a certain kind of action film,” says Bojan Bazelli ASC who … Read more

Oscar winner Guillermo Navarro ASC to headline Red Masterclass at BSC Expo

RED Digital Cinema will present a Masterclass featuring Oscar®-winner Guillermo Navarro, ASC at the upcoming BSC Expo in London. Navarro will be discussing his approach to cinematography in the digital age during the seminar that will take place Saturday, February 2, at 16.00. BSC Expo 2019 runs Feb. 1-2 at the Battersea Evolution. Navarro won … Read more

RED Digital Cinema to feature the New Monstro 8k VV Sensor at 2017 Camerimage

RED Digital Cinema will be showcasing its new cinematic Full Frame sensor for Weapon cameras, Monstro™ 8K VV, at the 25th Camerimage International Film Festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland, from November 11-18. The Monstro 8K VV sensor is an evolutionary step beyond the Dragon 8K VV sensor with improvements in image quality including dynamic range and … Read more

Cooke presents collection of lenses at Camerimage 2017

Cooke Optics, the multi-award winning manufacturer of precision lenses for film and television, will bring a coveted collection of its latest lenses to this year’s Camerimage Festival, where the company will exhibit alongside Digital Sputnik. On show will be the new S7/i Full Frame Plus lenses on a RED Digital 8k Vista Vision Camera. The … Read more

RED announces Hydogen One holographic smartphone

RED Digital has announced the launch of its first smartphone, named ‘Hydrogen One’, calling it “the world’s first ‘holographic media machine, in your pocket. No glasses needed.” Not all details have been announced, but it is understood that the phone will run on Android with additional features like H3O algorithm and nanotechnology, while it also … Read more

RED at Cine Gear Expo, Exclusive Pricing Offers & Other News

Visit RED at Cine Gear Expo Come see RED during this year’s Cine Gear Expo, taking place at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles on June 2nd and 3rd. Stop by booth S301, located in Stage 2, to interact with RED’s line of professional cameras. Registration is free through May 27th. Register here Exclusive Pricing For RED Camera Owners … Read more

Cine Gear Expo Announces Finalists for 2017 Film Competition

June 1, 2017 kicks off a busy schedule for Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios. The 4-day, action-packed event ramps up with a day of screenings in the Sherry Lansing Theatre followed by two days of the highly anticipated Equipment Exhibition. The weekend will once again include expert panel discussions on top feature films and … Read more

RED’s HELIUM Sensor Receives Highest DxO Score Ever

DxO Labs have announced that RED’s new HELIUM sensor has earned an unprecedented 108 point DxOMark sensor score, setting a new benchmark in image quality. DxOMark sensor scores are determined by a panel of imaging experts who use a systematic testing process to measure the ISO sensitivity, noise, and color sensitivity of each camera’s RAW … Read more

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