RED to showcase entire camera system line-up at IBC

Sep 15, 2023

RED Digital Cinema will spotlight its latest technologies at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam from 15-18 September. Attendees will have an opportunity to explore the entire line-up of RED camera systems as well as the latest cinema broadcast and IP-based workflow solutions including RED Connect throughout the duration of the show.

RED’s latest update to the breakthrough RED Connect offering is the ability to easily output a standardised SMPTE ST 2110-22 JPEG-XS 4K 60P stream over IP networks. Productions can simply integrate RED into an IP broadcast environment with the help of NMOS camera discovery and management (AMWA), PTP synchronization (SMPTE ST 2059-2) and return video (SMPTE ST 2110-20) with VSF TR-08.

In Matrox Video booth 7B15, RED will showcase this latest RED Connect feature in tandem with Matrox ConvertIP two-way SMPTE ST 2110 converters. ConvertIP is plug-and-play with RED Connect for easy setup and integration of RED Connect cameras into any ST 2110 environment.

“Integrating RED’s cinematic image quality into low-latency broadcast has just become extremely simple,” said RED vice president of product management Jeff Goodman. “Compliance with SMPTE ST 2110 enables direct-from-camera integration into IP broadcast systems — as easy as connecting the camera into the IP network. With our cameras’ advanced capabilities, you can also generate multiple outputs, allowing for a range of video feeds from a single source. This can take the form of intra-frame capture separated into different feeds, or multiple visual perspectives generated from within the full resolution the camera provides.”

Additionally, compliance with SMPTE ST 2110 is enabling other manufacturers to integrate RED’s camera technology into their own products faster and easier. Mo-Sys will be demonstrating its TimeCam product, which achieves zero delay for remote camera operators using RED Connect based on NVIDIA CUDA and NVIDIA Rivermax for uncompressed video streaming over SMPTE ST 2110, at booth 7.C16.

RED will also be demonstrating direct-to-cloud workflows using RED’s built-in S3 integration with AWS at booth 5.C90 and 4.C13.

On the show floor will be RED’s flagship V-Raptor XL 8K all-in-one and production-ready camera body, as well as the smaller and more modular V-Raptor system. Both are available with 8K VV or 8K S35 sensors. Additionally, the 6K global shutter-equipped Komodo and Komodo-X camera systems will be featured throughout IBC in standard cinema, virtual production, and live broadcast demonstrations. Experience the RED cameras in different configurations and witness their incredible capabilities in diverse settings at the following booths:

AWS 5.C90 and 4.C13
SIGMA 12.G57
VOCAS 12.D25
MRMC 12.D20
ASUS 3.D57
MO-SYS 7.C16
LG 3.C48
VIZRT 10.A41


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