Dynamic Lighting

Lead image: Zoe Boyle and Kerry Howard lit by China lanterns and covered wagons for Witless shot by Benedict Spence DYNAMIC ILLUMINATION We are lucky enough to live in a time when lighting technology runs the gamut from the simplest tungsten globe to banks of programmable LED panels controlled by an app. Six DPs share … Read more

UK Film Industry Supports Anti-Terrorism Campaign

Camera-stabilisation technology developer, Rizwan Wadan, is one of the few practicing Muslims to have broken through into the mainstream filming industry in the UK. It is his firm belief that it is important to open dialogues and debates through the visual medium and advocate film to the BAME and Muslim communities. At the time of … Read more

Edward Ames GBCT shoots low-budget war drama The Last Witness

“Shooting the noir, post-war thriller, The Last Witness, for director Piotr Szkopiak, was right up my street in terms of style and look,” notes DP Edward Ames GBCT. “Set in 1947, this is a fictional re-imagining of a true, bloody and heart-breaking tale about a journalist who uncovers the horrific murder of 22,000 Polish soldiers … Read more

David Higgs BSC / Churchill

Never surrender David Higgs BSC / Churchill Never surrender David Higgs BSC / Churchill The historical thriller Churchill, directed by Jonathan Teplitzky and shot by cinematographer David Higgs BSC, is an intimate portrait of Winston Churchill in the 96 hours before D-Day, which took place on Tuesday, 6th June 1944. The $10m production opens with … Read more

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