James Laxton ASC on working with Panavision for The Underground Railroad

Published in 2016, Colson Whitehead’s novel The Underground Railroad examines America’s history of slavery through a fictional lens that imbues the story’s terrible truths with a touch of mythology. After its main character, Cora, escapes from a plantation in Georgia, she embarks on an arduous journey northward, toward the promise of freedom. Cora travels on the Underground … Read more

James Laxton ASC / The Underground Railroad

THE ROAD TO FREEDOM Ambitious 10-part Amazon series The Underground Railroad sees James Laxton ASC and Barry Jenkins unite once again, this time to tell a powerful story rooted in the history of the American South and atrocities of slavery. Cinematography with a unique tonal quality and authenticity documents courageous Cora’s epic journey as she … Read more

February 2019: Singing the Praises

Singing the Praises Across The Pond / Mark London Williams Singing the Praises Across The Pond / Mark London Williams One of the great ironies of the now-concluded award season in L.A. (by which we mean, “the lull before the Emmy campaigns start”) especially for this column, is that if you wanted to talk to … Read more

Appointments At NFTS and CTBF

NFTS appoints Dr John Wardle as new director The National Film & Television School has announced that Dr Jon Wardle will become the new director of the school from August 2017. He succeeds Nik Powell who has been director since September 2003. Wardle will become the fifth director in the school’s 46-year history. The school’s … Read more

James Laxton / Moonlight

Intimate epic James Laxton / Moonlight Intimate epic James Laxton / Moonlight BY: Kevin Hilton Many films are carried along on a wave of hype before they are released but the independent feature Moonlight has built up a genuinely positive buzz through festival screenings and a slew of awards. Due for general UK release in … Read more

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