Celebrate the best in UK production

Nominations open for The Production Guild Awards, in association with Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden The Production Guild of Great Britain has opened nominations for its 2016 awards in association with Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden, recognising remarkable achievements made by those Production Guild members working in film and television production management including production office, accounting, VFX, … Read more

Short Film Competition from NASA & Houston Cinema Arts Society

For the second year in a row, NASA and Houston Cinema Arts Society are inviting filmmakers around the world to participate in CineSpace, a short film competition that is inspired by, and utilises actual NASA video footage. Eligible submissions include short video, film, and digital-media works of 10 minutes or less. CineSpace is seeking films … Read more

International Artists Breathe New Life Into The Classic Medium

Real film is back. With multiple premieres at the 2016 CANNES Film Festival shot on Kodak film, including four features in competition, as well as increased investment across the motion picture film production ecosystem, 2016 marks the moment when film is not only still a viable creative choice, but thriving again. Speaking at the Festival, … Read more

Panalux Release Next Generation Battery-Powered LED Spring Ball

An advancement in spring ball lighting technology, the new Panalux light features an LED core, wireless control, battery power options, and dimmable bi-colour output Panalux, a leading provider of lighting rental equipment for film, television and media production, today announce the release of the new Panalux LED Spring Ball, a multi-purpose, battery-powered soft light for … Read more

Embracing diversity

In so many surveys on gender and diversity representation, both in front of and behind the camera, the percentages are both staggeringly low and hardly changing. This is out-of-touch and misrepresents the world we actually live in. Misrepresenting the world does us all a disservice, it’s clearly an “us” issue. Equality is good for everyone … Read more

Upwards Down Under

The rise and rise of Australian Cinematography Whilst it’s small by European or American standards, the Australian film and television industry produces a steady stream of beachy soaps, epic dramas, quirky comedies, and children’s and family fare. An Australian cinematographer therefore must be flexible at every turn, stretching both their creative and logistic muscles within … Read more

Diversity – the spice of life

Diversity – the spice of life President’s perspective / Barry Ackroyd Diversity – the spice of life President’s perspective / Barry Ackroyd The diversity storm that stirred this year’s Oscar ceremony has already begun to ring the changes. But who would have thought that the first responder would have been Thomas The Tank Engine? Yes, … Read more

Family matters

Family Matters Letter from America / Steven Poster ASC Family Matters Letter from America / Steven Poster ASC Steven Poster ASC says workplace unity, set etiquette and civil camaraderie need to be integrated into the 21st century production culture. I know it’s easy for the more senior practitioners of our craft to often regale younger … Read more

Mistika is a powerful reality in VR

With Virtual Reality being touted as the next frontier of post-production innovation, SGO is prepared with solutions for the challenges it presents to the industry, offering Mistika as a revolutionary product for any company that wants to lead the way in VR. SGO has unveiled a preview of Mistika’s advanced Immersive Reality Toolset, combining award-winning … Read more

Leica launches new Cine Lenses and MacroLux dioptre

CW Sonderoptic, sister company to Leica Camera, has introduced two new lenses in the Leica Summicron-C cine lens family plus a new dioptre. The new 40mm T2.0 and 15mm T2.0 lenses share Leica’s iconic “creamy sharpness” image quality, delivering the favourable and natural treatment of skin tones without sacrificing clarity or resolution. These lenses bring … Read more

ARRI Rental expands lens inventory with modern and vintage glass

To ensure its clientele has a varied and expansive range of lens options, ARRI Rental UK has recently invested in expanding the company’s lens portfolio. New additions include the compact and lightweight Leica Summilux-C and Summicron-C lenses, renowned for bringing the image character and quality of Leica stills lenses to the medium of motion pictures. … Read more

New broadcast and 4K-compatible lenses from Fujinon

Fujifilm Corporation has announced the Fujinon XK6x20 as the latest addition to its line-up of 4K-compatible digital cinema camera zoom lenses. Equipped with a PL mount, the most common format for cinema cameras, the XK6x20 is a standard zoom lens that delivers T3.5 brightness for the entire zoom range from 20mm to 120mm. Fujifilm initially … Read more

Codex delivers big data firepower for RED 8K Weapon on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

RED Digital Cinema and director James Gunn recently announced that RED’s 8K Weapon camera is being used to capture incredible images for Marvel’s latest cosmic adventures in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. Behind-the-scenes, Codex workflow systems, operated by Santa Monica, London and Atlanta based production services company Shed, are enabling the smooth and speedy … Read more

New accessories for Alexa Mini

ARRI has announced two new Pro Camera Accessories dedicated to the Alexa Mini camera: a broadcast plate and a low bracket for shoulder operation. These products were recently presented as early production models at the BSC Expo in London and the Micro Salon in Paris, where they were enthusiastically received by industry professionals. The ARRI … Read more

Elstree Studios celebrates 90th anniversary

As part of Elstree’s 90th anniversary year of celebrations, the Studios recently launched a series of 12 televised interviews with well-known and affectionately remembered names and faces from Elstree’s long history. The programmes received their premiere broadcasts on Talking Pictures Television, available on Sky, Freeview and Freesat. Made in-house and hosted by Elstree Studios chairman, … Read more

Outsight introduces Creamsource+ LED lighting range

Outsight, the Sydney-based lighting technology company, has launched Creamsource+ (Plus) range of LED lights. The range features a fourth-generation LED light engine, offering greater than 90 CRI/TLCI. The versatility of the ‘panel PAR’ provides a spot function from the panel that can be softened with traditional techniques such as diffusion, lenses and soft boxes. Creamsource+ … Read more

Chroma-Q Space Force offers the next frontier in space lighting

After receiving much interest during its official European tradeshow launch in Frankfurt, Chroma-Q has launched its new Space Force LED fixture, which is shipping now. The Space Force is a variable white LED Space Light offering a modern replacement for conventional space lights or soft light sources commonly used in film and TV studios around … Read more

Company 3 London Delivers Allegiant
in HDR with Resolve

Colourist Paul Ensby, of Deluxe’s Company 3 London, recently graded Allegiant, the third instalment of the Divergent series franchise, in both SDR and HDR. Allegiant was shot by DP Florian Ballhaus using ARRI Alexa 65 and Alexa XT cameras. The digital intermediate (DI) was completed in Los Angeles using DaVinci Resolve Studio and the Advanced … Read more

Digital Sputnik lights up Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 and Jason Bourne

Digital Sputnik systems are in use to light up the latest space adventure Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, being shot in Atlanta by DP Henry Braham BSC. Rental Partner MBS Equipment Co. is providing the lighting package for the production. Digital Sputnik’s Modular lighting platform was also used to light up sequences of the … Read more

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