The Camera Technician apprenticeship scheme reports progress and job offers

Jul 30, 2021

More than 200 young hopefuls who initially lodged their interest in the new Camera Tech Apprenticeship programme, reduced in number to 100 after the first sift, 56 at the second sift and just 42 were invited to the activity and selection day event hosted at the London Screen Academy on Wednesday 21 July. 

In the coming weeks, 11 firm job offers for the first Camera Technician Apprenticeship will be made by 9 industry companies including VMI, Pixipixel, Promotion Hire, CVP, Luna Remote, Brownian Motion, Alan Wells, Shoot Blue, Movietech & DV Talent.  

The trainees will embark on a 2-year training programme in mid August 2021, where they will be trained to Senior Technician standard without cost to them, whilst being fully employed and achieve a formal industry qualification of a level 3 NVQ by August 2023. 

These images are were taken at the activity selection day organised by Phil Atfield of the Next Gen Skills Academy, where groups of 5 or 6 attendees are asked to make a lego model, to copy one that each had seen for just 60 seconds. Prospective employers observed their progress to see how well they collaborated and communicated together. Some conflict was introduced when part way through the exercise, the model was subtly changed without telling them! 

It is hoped that this programme will be extended next year and will continue as a new formal route for youngsters to join our industry. 

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