Amazon agrees to acquire MGM in $8.45 billion deal

Amazon and MGM have announced they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Amazon will acquire MGM for a purchase price of $8.45 billion. MGM has nearly a century of filmmaking history and adheres to the work of Amazon Studios, which has primarily focused on producing TV show programming. Amazon will aim to … Read more

Mike Eley BSC / The White Crow

Dance Lesson Mike Eley BSC / The White Crow Dance Lesson Mike Eley BSC / The White Crow BY: Trevor Hogg After adapting William Shakespeare for his directorial debut Coriolanus (2011), Ralph Fiennes explored the mistress of author Charles Dickens in The Invisible Woman (2013), and for his third effort delves into the defection of … Read more

Chapman Wins 2016 Camerimage Lifetime Achievement Award

When asked in the 1990s by film critic Gene Siskel to name a shot or image from one of the movies he directed that could be treated as a calling card of his career up to that point, Martin Scorsese admitted that the opening title shot of Raging Bull may have such a force. The image of a lonely … Read more

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