Mark Milsome Foundation launches 2022 #PrintsforMark calendar

November 18th saw the fourth anniversary of the passing, Mark Milsome, who was killed whilst filming a car stunt in Ghana. Recognising the pain of losing someone, and wanting to make sure avoidable incidents aren’t repeated his widow, Andra, has joined forces with Mark Purvis of the digital workflow solutions company, Mission, to create a … Read more

The Mark Milsome Foundation responds to ongoing negligence on film sets

Four years ago today, veteran British cameraman Mark Milsome was killed on the set of Black Earth Rising (BBC/Netflix).  Founded in 2017 in his name, The Mark Milsome Foundation, was filming an important new crew-supported online Health and Safety course when news of the shocking and avoidable death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins rocked the film industry less than a … Read more

The Mark Milsome Memorial Cup was a huge success

The Mark Milsome Memorial Cup finally returned for 2021 after the COVID delay. 2019’s inaugural edition had been a small affair on a cold December evening, with The Crown FC beating Last Letter United, to take the Cup. The match however did show there was potential for a film industry annual football match, and founder … Read more

Support the Mark Milsome Foundation by attending the annual Mark Milsome Memorial Cup

2021 welcomes the return of the annual Mark Milsome Memorial Cup. Taking place at the home of premier league Crystal Palace FC, Selhurst Park on Saturday 29th May 2021. This year the crew of Essex will take on the crew of Indiana Jones in a historic fundraising fixture for the bragging rights of the film … Read more

Mark Milsome Foundation shares lessons learned following death of British camera operator

On 22 October 2020, the inquest of the coroner at West London Court stated that Mark Milsome was killed because “the risk of being harmed or fatally injured was not effectively recognised, assessed, communicated or managed.” The safety officer attached to the production was Jamie Fewster from First Option. He wrote a risk assessment following … Read more

Health and Safety: Safe Shooting

A positive outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the increased global attention towards health and safety within social and professional environments. But has it been enough to transform the film and television industry to avoid the tragic and high-profile deaths of American camera assistant Sarah Jones and British camera operator Mark Milsome? The overall … Read more

‘Perspective of Tomorrow’ calendar sees industry unite to create opportunities for next generation of filmmakers

The film and TV industry has joined forces to create Prints for Mark: Perspective of Tomorrow, a calendar to raise funds to help create more skills and opportunities behind the scenes in the film and television industry for people with lesser access. Last month marked the third anniversary of the death of British cameraman Mark … Read more

Inquest into Mark Milsome’s death rules risk to life was ‘not effectively recognised’

The inquest into the tragic death of British Camera operator Mark Milsome, who was killed in 2017 whilst filming a car stunt in Ghana, stated that the risk to life was not effectively recognised. The following report is from Nigel Walters BSC, who attended the four-day inquest. On 22 October 2020, the inquest of the … Read more

Mike Eley BSC “Snap Shots”

Snap Shots President’s Perspective / Mike Eley BSC Snap Shots President’s Perspective / Mike Eley BSC This being the President’s Perspective, it’s only fair to say that my perspective these days has been one deeply embedded in the seemingly endless spin-cycle of Work-Eat-Sleep-Repeat as dictated by the call sheet. I never forget to thank my … Read more

Nigel Willoughby BSC on Lost In London

Cinematographer Nigel Willoughby kindly wrote-in with details about his work on the groundbreaking simultaneous live production and broadcast of Lost In London, directed by Woody Harrelson. “When Woody first approached me with his idea for Lost In London, the plan was to shoot the entire film in one night using a multi-camera format. Once we … Read more

Support Black T-Week In Honour of Mark Milsome

It’s coming up to a year now that Mark Milsome, a respected friend and colleague, was tragically killed on the 18 November behind his camera while filming a car stunt in Ghana. A charitable Foundation has been set up in Mark’s name to support, encourage and inspire youth through scholarship and trainee programmes as well … Read more

Mark Milsome Foundation Launch & Black-T-Week

Following the tragic death of Mark Milsome on-set in Ghana on 18th November 2017, a charitable foundation is being set up in his name by industry professionals, friends and family. The Mark Milsome Foundation will officially launch in early 2019. As the first anniversary of his death approaches, the foundation is inviting worldwide filmmaking community … Read more

Visiting BSC Expo & Talking Safety

IMAGO at the 2018 BSC Expo IMAGO was strongly represented at the 2018 BSC Expo in Battersea, London in early February. The job done by the BSC is impressive. The Expo was highly successful, and it is so valuable for cinematographers to be able to meet to discuss, to attend masterclasses and to see new … Read more

Mike Eley BSC “Safety first”

Safety first President’s Perspective / Mike Eley BSC Safety first President’s Perspective / Mike Eley BSC Everyone was devastated when they heard the news of camera operator Mark Milsome’s death, a tragedy that occurred while he was filming on the set of the BBC/Netflix production The Forgiving Earth. Our thoughts went out immediately to Mark’s … Read more

Watch the Mark Milsome Memorial Tribute

The film industry lost one of its best last November with the devastating news that camera operator and cinematographer Mark Milsome GBCT ACO, had been killed during the shoot of a stunt sequence on Drama Republic’s production of The Forgiving Earth for the BBC/Netflix. On 4th February at BAFTA, a moving memorial tribute was held … Read more

Inside The New Issue: 85

Feast your eyes on the new edition of British Cinematographer magazine – digitally* via our website, or in print**, from 26th January 2018. On the Cover Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC on The Greatest Showman Seamus McGarvey takes centre stage to talk lights, cameras and action on his first musical film, The Greatest Showman, inspired by … Read more

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