Jost Vacano BVK ASC receives additional compensation from the ARD broadcasters

Jost Vacano BVK ASC, the cinematographer of the legendary film Das Boot, finally receives additional compensation from the ARD broadcasters after an eternal legal dispute. In the legal dispute over appropriate remuneration, the cinematographer of the internationally successful film classic Das Boot, Jost Vacano, has reached an agreement with the ARD broadcasters. The eighty-seven-year-old and … Read more

Jost Vacano ASC BVK to be presented with the EnergaCAMERIMAGE lifetime achievement award

Jost Vacano ASC/BVK, born in 1934 in Osnabrück, is one of the most successful German cinematographers. He learned filmmaking first by going to the cinema, then on the sets of short films by Peter Schamoni. The collaboration with the director resulted in a dynamically developing television career in the 1960s. Working with such directors as … Read more

Mike Eley BSC: “Opportunity for change”

OPPORTUNITY FOR CHANGE No great release. Instead, a slow, tentative emerging from the foxhole, like the shell-shocked combatant who senses the bombardment has finally stopped and they can peer out once again to the wider world. It’s been said enough times the last twelve months and one would dearly like it to be true; as … Read more

Three things need fixing… now!

1. Cinematographers Need Control Of Their Images In many countries, cinematographers are still not recognised as authors and are therefore not protected by the copyright laws. If a stills photographer and a cinematographer make an exact identical image, the stills photographer is recognised as the author and has the copyright of their image and can … Read more

Worldwide Collaboration

IMAGO now counts 53 national cinematographic societies, and more than 4,500 professional cinematographers, from the four corners of the world among its members. Professional cinematographers often have, more or less, the same challenges over the world. Working together will greatly enhance the opportunity to solve our most important challenges, faster. That has always been one … Read more


“Why the hell not the cinematographer?” As former BSC president Barry Ackroyd BSC wrote it in a recent article in this magazine, the sentence, “Why the hell not the cinematographer?” is a question more and more cinematographers ask themselves. In many of the world´s countries, cinematographers are recognised as authors or co-authors of the image … Read more

Make a date in your diary

Silver service There are many anniversaries during 2017. Camerimage and IMAGO are both 25 years old, and ARRI will soon turn 100. There are a lot of IMAGO events coming up. So check out the dates, and put them in your diary. IMAGO Educational Conference The celebratory year started with the IMAGO Educational Conference in … Read more

Barry Ackroyd BSC “Intellectual Property”

Intellectual Property President’s Perspective / Barry Ackroyd BSC Intellectual Property President’s Perspective / Barry Ackroyd BSC If you were around in the early ‘80s, and you’re still able to think that far back, you’ll recall what was arguably the best film of 1981 – Das Boot, the amazing, Oscar-nominated, true tale of German U-boat U96 … Read more

The passion of Jost Vacano

One man’s struggle for justice came to a conclusion in Munich recently when cinematographer Jost Vacano BVK ASC achieved a landmark decision, which also has important ramifications for cinematographers everywhere. He was awarded half a million Euros in compensation against the producers and distributor of the series Das Boot (1981), for which he was Oscar-nominated, … Read more

The year ahead for IMAGO

IMAGO is the European Federation of Cinematographers, a collaborative, global umbrella for the world’s cinematographic societies. It was created to bring European cinematographers together to discuss and find solutions to challenges of common interest, to promote cinematography on an international level, and to share and exchange experience and knowledge. IMAGO now has 49 international societies, … Read more

International Cinematographers Summit in Los Angeles

Many IMAGO board members attended the ASC International Cinematographers Summit in Los Angeles at the beginning of June. With around 70 cinematographers from around the world participating, the summit discussed common challenges like the future for cinematographers in the digital age, archiving, ACES, frame rates, laser projection and much more. Representatives from more than 30 … Read more