June 2020: Medium Cool

Medium Cool Across The Pond / Mark London Williams Ironically, as far as narrative features speaking to the present moment, it may be one of the few written and directed by this particular cinematographer, that reflects the whole tension of watching a thing unfold, versus being a part of it. I refer, of course, to … Read more

Otto Nemenz

Take 40 Innovator / Otto Nemenz Take 40 Innovator / Otto Nemenz BY: Mark London Williams Header Image (l-r): Fritz Heinzle, Marketing Manager; Otto Nemenz, Founder; Alex Wengart, General Manager Although we like to think of innovation often as a “light bulb” moment for the innovator (perhaps an “LED moment,” in the world of modern … Read more

Stronger Together

Working Conditions in film production In collaboration with FERA (the European Federation of Film Directors) IMAGO initiated a broad, two-day conference on Working Conditions in Vienna in the last week of January. The conference was organised in partnership with EU-XXL, and the conclusions of the conference and the views of the participating cinematographers, film directors … Read more

Worldwide Collaboration

IMAGO now counts 53 national cinematographic societies, and more than 4,500 professional cinematographers, from the four corners of the world among its members. Professional cinematographers often have, more or less, the same challenges over the world. Working together will greatly enhance the opportunity to solve our most important challenges, faster. That has always been one … Read more

Camerimage: Remembering The Masters – Wexler & Zsigmond

From its first editions Camerimage Festival became a platform for discussion about the past, the present, and the future of cinema. By inviting hundreds of cinematographers and other film industry professionals from all over the world, we encouraged dialogue and exchange of ideas, as well as confronting oneself with the art of the best and … Read more

Garrett Brown

Action man Innovator / Garrett Brown Action man Innovator / Garrett Brown BY: Adrian Pennington Rocky Balboa ascending the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Rocky  (1976). Young Danny Torrance riding his tricycle through the cavernous halls of the Overlook Hotel in The Shining  (1980). Imperial storm troopers rocketing between trees on the … Read more

In memory of Haskell Wexler and Vilmos Zsigmond

The mirth and merriment of the Christmas and New Year season were considerably dulled with news of the passing of two of the industry’s most accomplished cinematographers – Haskell Wexler, who died on 27 December 2015, aged 93, and Vilmos Zsigmond, who passed on New Year’s Day 2016, aged 85. Wexler was nominated five times … Read more

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