Dedo Weigert awarded the Bert Easey Technical Award for innovative concepts in furthering the art of cinematography

At the 3rd British Society of Cinematographers Awards 2021, Dedo Weigert was honoured with the Bert Easey Technical Award for innovative concepts in furthering the art of cinematography.  First presented in 1949, this award is named in honour of Bert Easey, who in 1947 was head of the camera department at Denham and Pinewood Studios. Bert Easey was integral in … Read more

Mike Eley BSC: “Opportunity for change”

OPPORTUNITY FOR CHANGE No great release. Instead, a slow, tentative emerging from the foxhole, like the shell-shocked combatant who senses the bombardment has finally stopped and they can peer out once again to the wider world. It’s been said enough times the last twelve months and one would dearly like it to be true; as … Read more

The world of reflected light: dedolight to present LiveStream event on 26 April

dedolight will present their 3rd International Streaming Session on Monday 26 April 2021. This latest LiveStream will focus on reflected light and how this works with the dedolight Lighstream system. Dedo Weigert will be contributing pieces with other participants fromdedolight California, Dedotec Russia and the dedolight partner team in Düsseldorf, Germany. This is an interactive … Read more

Talent and triumph at the BSC Awards: celebrating the winners

Filmmaking achievement was celebrated at the third BSC Awards ceremony. Despite being held virtually due to pandemic restrictions, the spotlight shone brightly on outstanding cinematography and camera operating throughout the last year, as well as acknowledging those who have contributed to the society either directly or, in the opinion of the BSC, to the wider … Read more

Dedo Weigert

Lighting conductor Dedo Weigert / Spotlight Lighting conductor Dedo Weigert / Spotlight BY: Kevin Hilton Having a piece of equipment named after you ensures a level of fame and, ultimately, a form of immortality. But it does not necessarily tell a person’s full story. Dedo Weigert is well-known because of the compact, high-power precision lamp … Read more

Inside The New Issue: 86

Feast your eyes on the new edition of British Cinematographer magazine – digitally* via our website, or in print**, from 16th March 2018. On the Cover Rachel Morrison ASC on Black Panther and Mudbound Rachel Morrison ASC made Academy Award history this year as the first female nominee for the Best Cinematography Oscar, and she … Read more

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