P+S Technik change management

May 24, 2017

P+S Technik founder Alfred Piffl is handing over management of the company to his daughter Anna Piffl and Andreas Dasser, company partner since 2004, “to give the next generation the lead.”

“I look at Alfred’s decision with a weeping and a laughing eye,” said Dasser, who joined the management team in 2004 and, as head of development, has led many projects, including the Pro and Mini 35 image converters, as well as the Weisscam, SI-2K and X35 cameras. “We are connected by a 20-year professional partnership, which was strongly shaped by his vision to advance film technology, and an extraordinary friendship beyond everyday professional life. I’m looking forward to shaping the future of the company together with Anna, with whom I have also enjoyed a long-term cooperation at P+S Technik.”

Anna Piffl commented, “The trust which Alfred and Andreas have in me and their call into the management at P+S Technik makes me happy and proud of my work. During the past three years Alfred has already gradually transferred the responsibility for the sales department, so I’m confident a smooth transition is possible.

“The demand for new and old lenses has grown sharply in recent years. The lens is one of the most essential tools for image design for the cinematographer. By professionally rehousing and servicing an immense variety of modern and vintage lenses and designing special lenses, we offer creatives a wide range of design possibilities for exceptional images. The direct cooperation and discussion with DPs worldwide makes it a particularly interesting task for me.”

Alfred Piffl will continue to support the company, focussing on tasks in product management. “Our mission is to continue with the company’s philosophy to provide cinematographers with innovative, professional tools to create exceptional images,” he said.

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