Virtual Showlight 2021 papers available to view online

Jun 21, 2021

Following on from the inaugural Virtual Showlight event, which took place on Tuesday 25 May 2021, the Showlight Committee has announced that all VSL Papers and Video Shorts are now available to view online on the Showlight website.

Speakers Hamish Jenkinson, Mike Bauman, Ken Billington, Aaron Porter, Rob Halliday, Isabel Nielen, Floriaan Ganzevoort and Mike Evers, and David Bishop spoke on topics that included the illumination of a lighthouse on an island in the Bahamas, lighting a comic book movie, the remote lighting of a stage musical from half way around the globe, transforming a shipyard into an art gallery, and taking a spin on the Strictly Come Dancing dance floor.

Also viewable online is the panel discussion on the subject of Diversity in the Industry, chaired by Paule Constable, which gave voice to young people with inspiring insights into their journeys into lighting, their plans to raise awareness going forward and the importance of free communication between colleagues to aid mutual understanding.

The Papers are augmented by a new series of Video Shorts – surprise pre-recorded bonus features – that tantalised the lighting tastebuds between Papers on the day, with a few bonus presentations added for good measure. Contributors include Jules Fisher + Peggy Eisenhauer, Tony Simpson, Ryan Metcalfe and Elliot Smith, Marco Miglioli and Bill Klages.

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