Twickenham Film Studios welcomes Jack Watts as head of technology & standards

Twickenham Film Studios continues with its expansion as MD Cara Sheppard welcomes her most recent hire with Jack Watts joining as TFS head of technology & standards. Watts’ role will strategically develop and lead the technology, innovation and standards offering for the future -focused TFS studios – following on from the appointment of Tomasz Witkowski … Read more

Twickenham Film Studios hires new director of operations & facilities Laurence McCormack

In what continues to be such an important growth period for Twickenham Film Studios, the team, led by managing partners Piers Read, Jeremy Rainbird and MD Cara Sheppard, has announced their most recent appointment; as they welcome ex Warner Brothers Leavesden Laurence McCormack as their new director of operations and facilities. The hire of Laurence … Read more

Tomasz Witkowski joins Twickenham Film Studios as Director of Technology & Engineering

Twickenham Film Studios, operated by TIME+SPACE Studios, is continuing to bolster the team as part of the new era and expansion for the studios, welcoming Tom Witkowski as the TFS new Director of Technology & Engineering. The addition of Witkowski will allow the studios to completely rethink and fully evolve their technology and innovation offering – … Read more

Multi-million-pound transformation for Twickenham Film Studios

Twickenham Film Studios, operated by TIME+SPACE Studios, has announced a £15 million development investment to rejuvenate, transform and expand London’s oldest film studio to create a contemporary, innovative, and enhanced film and TV campus for the next generation of film makers and creatives. TFS will ensure the complex continues to serve the industry as a truly … Read more

Ari Wegner ACS / In Fabric

Blood Red Ari Wegner ACS / In Fabric Blood Red Ari Wegner ACS / In Fabric BY: Ron Prince Presented as a distorted, hyper-real vision of Britain in the 1970s, director Peter Strickland portrays the zombifying effects of consumerism in his most recent feature, In Fabric, in which a cursed, blood-red dress brings devastating consequences … Read more

Michael Coulter BSC / The Hustle

Trick of the Light Michael Coulter BSC / The Hustle Trick of the Light Michael Coulter BSC / The Hustle BY: Kevin Hilton Many films are not always shot where they are set. The main action of new comedy The Hustle takes place on the French Riviera, but cinematographer Michael Coulter BSC concedes that “not … Read more

Edward Ames GBCT shoots low-budget war drama The Last Witness

“Shooting the noir, post-war thriller, The Last Witness, for director Piotr Szkopiak, was right up my street in terms of style and look,” notes DP Edward Ames GBCT. “Set in 1947, this is a fictional re-imagining of a true, bloody and heart-breaking tale about a journalist who uncovers the horrific murder of 22,000 Polish soldiers … Read more