disguise reopens its LA xR stage with new virtual production and broadcast capabilities

disguise has launched a new and improved state-of-the-art xR stage at its Los Angeles office. The new space comes equipped with the latest technology to meet the growing demand for the disguise xR workflow in virtual production and broadcast in the West Coast area. In early 2020, disguise accelerated the development of its award-winning xR solution, … Read more

ROE Visual selected for AUX immersive studio

AUX Immersive Studio, Singapore’s first extended reality studio, was launched at the end of last year. Featuring advanced XR facilities, AUX Immersive Studio aims to support a creative way of expression. The studio was built with technical support from ROE Visual. As a creative content development company in events management and media, AUX Media Group … Read more

XR Stage selects ROE Visual for ICVFX studio

XR Stage opens its largest ICVFX sound stage in June. Again, XR Stage has selected ROE Visual to supply the LED volume for this stage. The new purposed-built stage, located at Line 204 studios, a brand new 5-acre multi-stage facility in Pacoima, Los Angeles, is a custom Live-Action stage with LED Volumes to accommodate virtual … Read more

ROE Visual selected for LED studio spaces in North America

Creative Technology North America (CTNA) has partnered with ROE Visual to build another virtual production LED studio. With LED studios located in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville, CT now adds Las Vegas to the list, launching their latest in-camera VFX studio. Founded in 1981, Creative Technology is a global leader in broadcast & live … Read more

New ROE Visual RUBY LED panels presented at Hibino open house

Hibino’s dedicated VFX studio kicked of successfully during the Open House days from 2-4 June. The VFX studio, built in partnership with ROE Visual, creates an opportunity to work with virtual production techniques for Japan based filmmakers and producers. Attracting numerous producers and directors working for broadcast stations, streaming services, and films to participate in … Read more

ARRI and ROE Visual disclose test program

When virtual production and, in particular, mixed reality production took flight in early 2020 ARRI and ROE Visual came into contact and connected to develop a better understanding of the impact of this technology on both LED volumes and camera performance. This mutual understanding has led to the development of a continuous testing program. Early … Read more

ARRI opens mixed reality studio available for hire to productions in the UK

ARRI announces the opening of its new state-of-the-art mixed reality studio in the UK. Equipped with an LED volume comprising 343 square meters of LED wall, installed in partnership with NEP Live Events production and technical specialist firm Creative Technology, the studio is one of the biggest permanent mixed reality production spaces in Europe. Located … Read more

Brompton Technology provides technology for 80six’s new virtual production studios

A leading video technology company, 80six, recently opened the doors to its virtual production studios in Slough. The VP facility boasts a preconfigured curved LED stage, ideal for shooting in-camera VFX. Brompton Technology products are part of the studio’s high-end technical backbone. 80six has been building and implementing xR stages and has now directed its … Read more

Hibino partners with ROE Visual for virtual production studio in Japan

Partnering with ROE Visual, Hibino Corporation has taken its first steps in Virtual Production technology. The opening of Hibino’s dedicated VFX studio will be celebrated with an open house to take place from June 2-4. The company will receive customers from June 1 onwards. The Tokyo-based studio creates an opportunity to work with virtual production … Read more

ROE Visual Black Pearl V2 premieres for Pixomondo Studio

ROE Visual has supplied the complete LED volume for Pixomondo’s new virtual production flagship location in Toronto, Canada, working alongside Pixomondo tech partners EPIC, NVIDIA, and Brompton on new this new facility. The VFX company Pixomondo (“PXO”) has recently completed one of Canada’s first virtual production studios in Toronto. Mahmoud Rahnama, Head of Studio for PXO … Read more

PRG and MADO XR create virtual production Studio-xR powered by Brompton Technology

The first of its kind in France, virtual production Studio-xR, has been created as a partnership between PRG and MADO XR. The 360-degree LED facility, which is powered by Brompton Technology Tessera SX40 4K LED processing, brings the infinite power of virtual production to any type of pre-recorded or live production. The space is constructed … Read more

Industry experts AGS, Megapixel VR, and ROE Visual collaborate to form GhostFrame

Delivering the tools to create great results in the world of visual communication, industry leaders AGS, Megapixel VR, and ROE Visual have joined forces to deliver game-changing technology for virtual production. Aiming to make the “impossible” possible for film, broadcast, and event production teams, GhostFrame creates simplified, more efficient, and faster workflows. Combining the strengths … Read more

ROE Visual powers new high-tech Virtual Production Studios by 80six

Located just outside London, 80six recently launched Virtual Production Studios in response to the demand for a studio space that incorporates a preconfigured ROE Visual LED volume adaptable to each production’s requirements. Over the last 18 months, 80six has carried out extensive R&D testing with LED and cameras for film & TV productions with trusted … Read more

LEDs: the new digital palette

This is a sponsored article, created in partnership with ROE Visual. Not all LEDs are created equal. As virtual production increases, DPs need to get to grips with the nuances and limitations of working with LED volume. The pandemic has prevented many creative directors from making content in the traditional way, forcing them to explore … Read more

Erik Messerschmidt ASC / Mank

MASTERCLASS IN MONOCHROME Black-and-white biopic Mank sees another successful collaboration between cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt ASC and director David Fincher as they craft an authentic portrayal of Hollywood’s golden age and explore the turbulent development of the script for Citizen Kane. “This was not an offer I had to consider; the answer was an immediate yes,” … Read more

Virtual production expands the possibilities for TV commercials

Quite Brilliant is one of a new wave of multi-disciplined media companies awake to the infinite creative possibilities of this method of film production. The agency has worked on a large number of short-form projects, and believes virtual production is a great choice for clients looking to deliver content such as TV commercials on fast-paced … Read more

Spectre Studios uses Brompton Technology for Unreal Build: Virtual Production event

Looking back at 2020, this has been a year of many ups and downs, with companies undergoing radical transformations from facilitating physical events to adopting pioneering technologies used for remote productions, virtual set ups and generally tapping into the world of virtual production. For Spectre Studios, however, virtual production (VP) is not a new field. … Read more

4Wall deploys Brompton Technology processing for GUM Studios

With an impressive portfolio of clients including Apple, Vogue, Amazon, and Spotify, GUM Studios offers expansive and versatile spaces. Recently, GUM turned to 4Wall Entertainment to provide lighting and video equipment for its new Virtual Production (VP) facility. The high-spec virtual environment includes ROE Visual Black Pearl 2 LED video panels, which are driven by … Read more