Universal Pixels invests In ROE Visual’s Vanish ST outdoor LED panels

Apr 17, 2024

ROE Visual announce Universal Pixels’ recent investment in the Vanish ST outdoor LED product line.

Universal Pixels, an award-winning supplier of video equipment renowned for its services with a global reach, has acquired 500 square meters of Vanish ST panels to expand its rental stock of LED products. Universal Pictures will be the first company in Europe to add these outdoor panels to its LED rental inventory.

The Vanish ST Series is designed to meet the rigorous demands of touring, festivals, and outdoor live events. With its sturdy engineering and high efficiency, the Vanish ST panels offer exceptional value and reliability for event organizers, AV rental companies, and production professionals worldwide.

“We are excited to partner with Universal Pixels and support their commitment to delivering top-tier video solutions,” said Nick Shaw, Business Development Director at ROE Visual UK. “The investment in our Vanish ST outdoor LED panels underscores the industry’s recognition of our products’ quality and performance. We look forward to seeing the Vanish ST panels enhance Universal Pixels’ portfolio and contribute to the success of their clients’ events.”

The Vanish ST Series features unparalleled brightness, contrast, and durability, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications where visual impact is paramount. Its reliability in rugged outdoor conditions, combined with Universal Pixels’ expertise in video production, ensures flawless execution and unforgettable experiences for audiences worldwide.

“We’re delighted to add the Vanish ST panels to our inventory,” said Gareth Jeanne, Managing Director at Universal Pixels. “At Universal Pixels, we are committed to offering our clients the latest and most reliable technology. The Vanish ST Series aligns perfectly with our mission to provide exceptional video solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. We look forward to deploying these panels on various events and projects.”

With Universal Pixels’ investment in the Vanish ST outdoor LED panels, both companies reaffirm their dedication to delivering unmatched quality and service to their clients.

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