John Dibbs / Spitfire: The Feature Documentary

Reach For The Sky John Dibbs / Spitfire: The Feature Documentary Reach For The Sky John Dibbs / Spitfire: The Feature Documentary “The sky is a beautiful place to paint pictures. It’s where I live most of the time,” remarks aerial photography specialist John Dibbs, who was a producer and the cinematographer of remarkable ground … Read more

Martin Testar GBCT creates visuals for Song For Armageddon touring art installation

Cinematographer Marin Testar GBCT wrote in with details about the visuals he created for Song For Armageddon, a touring art installation film by artists Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson in collaboration with Ophir Ilzetzki, produced by Forma. “Armageddon is a place in northern Israel that lends its name to the end of the world. Also … Read more

Movietech introduce RED Epic Dragon 6K accessory rig

Movietech has custom built a new rig centering around a RED Epic Dragon 6K camera body, modified by the in-house engineering team to incorporate a suite of innovative upgrades that allow total compatibility with a wide variety of Epic accessories and attachments. Developed to expand the capabilities of the Epic Dragon, the accessory rig, exclusively … Read more

RED at Cine Gear Expo, Exclusive Pricing Offers & Other News

Visit RED at Cine Gear Expo Come see RED during this year’s Cine Gear Expo, taking place at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles on June 2nd and 3rd. Stop by booth S301, located in Stage 2, to interact with RED’s line of professional cameras. Registration is free through May 27th. Register here Exclusive Pricing For RED Camera Owners … Read more

RED Digital to show DSMC2 Cameras At BSC Expo 2017

RED Digital Cinema will be exhibiting at the BSC Expo (booth #223) in Battersea, London, from Feburary 3-4. Those visiting RED’s booth can interact with RED’s DSMC2TM cameras including, RED EPIC-W TM and WEAPON® 8K S35, which feature RED’s newest sensor, HELIUM™. Additional RED cameras will be on display in the Cirrolite, Cooke Optics, Fujinon, … Read more

DP Michael Snyman delivers a cinematic treatment to The Night Manager

A huge domestic and international hit, the BBC and AMC six-part drama The Night Manager was adapted from John le Carré’s espionage novel by David Farr and guided to the screen by producer Rob Bullock, director Susanne Bier, and cinematographer Michael Snyman. “When I read the initial scripts, I was immediately drawn to the huge … Read more