Martin Campbell’s The Protégé graded in Da Vinci Resolve

Blackmagic Design has announced that Nu Boyana Post Production has relied on a DaVinci Resolve Studio pipeline to complete picture post on Martin Campbell’s (Casino Royale) new thriller, The Protégé.   The film, which stars Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Maggie Q, tells the story of two world class assassins who share a mysterious past. It re-joins the story when … Read more

Ben Davis BSC / Dumbo

Tusk master Ben Davis BSC / Dumbo Tusk master Ben Davis BSC / Dumbo WANT TO READ IT ALL? Below is only a teaser, and the full interview can be found in the November 2021 issue (108) of British Cinematographer magazine. If you purchase a year’s digital subscription from just £30, or a year’s all-inclusive … Read more

Society Of Camera Operators announces winners

The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) held its annual awards show on February 11th at the Lowes Hollywood Hotel, in Los Angeles. The winners included: Ari Robbins SOC, who won the Camera Operator Of The Year Award for his work on La La Land, and Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown SOC, who was awarded with the … Read more

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