Ed Wild BSC / The Wilds

WILD ADVENTURE Ed Wild BSC’s fluid, dynamic cinematography forms an emotional connection in survival series The Wilds. Teen angst meets survival drama in The Wilds, Amazon Prime Video’s 10-part original series following a group of teenagers embarking on what they believe to be an all-girls empowerment retreat. When their plane crashes, stranding them on a … Read more

Sony Unveils VENICE

Sony Professional Solutions Europe is unveiling VENICE – its first full-frame digital motion picture camera system. VENICE is the next generation of Sony’s CineAlta camera system, designed to expand the filmmaker’s creative freedom through large-format, full frame image capture of filmic imagery with natural skin tones and expressive dark areas. VENICE was designed through close … Read more

Ed Wild

Keeping Focussed Meet the New Wave / Ed Wild Keeping Focussed Meet the New Wave / Ed Wild Filmography (so far): Severance (2006), Shifty (2008), I Know You Know (2008), Chalet Girl (2001), Welcome To The Punch (2013), Fleming (2013)…   When did you discover you wanted to be a cinematographer? I’ve always had a … Read more

Ed Wild / Chalet Girl

Fresh Powder  Ed Wild / Chalet Girl Fresh Powder Ed Wild / Chalet Girl Ed Wild is a man on the move. He moves side-to-side, from commercial to music video, and up and down from feature to short. Most recently he’s been moving up, way up, both in the British film industry and the mountains. … Read more

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