New previs tool Moviestorm FirstStage available as a general release

May 12, 2023

Moviestorm FirstStage – a new previs tool – is out of beta and available as a general release, following 3.5 years of European research and a further 3.5 years of product development.

This new content creation platform has been developed to enable creatives to take full control of their creative process by giving them a VR-based ‘natural user interface’ toolset. Suitable for film and TV, immersive training, and other creative productions, FirstStage allows users to visualise their production on a shared virtual stage.

The technology offers real-time remote collaboration, which means users can join the virtual stage from anywhere in the world, communicating ideas and solutions as images, video, or a VR experience. The set-up is loaded with 3D assets and a sketch tool, posing and motion capture, triggers and cameras.

For DPs, FirstStage can be used as a ‘virtual sandpit’ to explore cinematic ideas and analyse risks. For virtual production, it allows users to block out scenes on a virtual stage before even getting to the studio.

FirstStage works with a standard VR setup connected to a gaming PC. A free trial of the technology is available, and a personal licence available for $10 per month. More information about FirstStage can be found on Moviestorm’s website.

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