Mustapha Barat ABC elected IMAGO President

Jul 4, 2022

Mustapha Barat ABC released the below statement upon being elected IMAGO president:

“First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the trust bestowed on me. I intend to act accordingly.

I was elected at the last IEGA and I am honored to be the first president of IMAGO from a Latin American society, recently elected ABC’s president.  I am aware of all the responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead and I see it as an opportunity to continue the steps taken by some of my predecessors to build new paths for IMAGO  as well as to endeavour to shine a light on our work and our plans for the future as they are relevant to you, the cinematographer. 

As cinematography is our main activity, it is extremely important for IMAGO to be a federation where all members feel better represented and welcomed, can share information, and exchange ideas & experiences. For this, I see the expansion of the full memberships as essential;  bring back the European societies that left and include Latin American, African and Asian societies, thus continuing our transition to an International Federation.   

And, just because we are Cinematographers from the 4 corners of the world and we are in times where communication is accelerated, we need to improve ours, internally and amongst members. First, by improving the IMAGO website, with content and making it easier for everyone to access and navigate, using existing social media platforms, and working on creating an IMAGO mobile app, as a tool better suited for on set use. The aim is to make IMAGO a center of communication and interaction in all matters related to cinematography, a point of reference where anyone can find the right and up-to-date information, as well as like-minded people. 

As for our committees, who do important work, we aim to contribute, so that they can continue to improve their work and reach, each in their respective activities, whether technological, educational, working conditions, authorship rights (where applicable), and diversity and inclusion. The resumption of the activities of the Master Class committee, in my view, is fundamental. 

Ours is a fantastic job that is sometimes overlooked, at film festivals, for example, and, at IMAGO, we are in a unique position to promote changes in that respect. Only by working together can we achieve this. 

Another very important point is our Statutes, which sometimes create uncertainty for us.  Therefore, we will have to work to implement new ones democratically, through wide consultation with all members, to allow for necessary updating, more in tune with the changing reality and with the wishes and needs of the members, as well as to provide new ideas and renewal. 

And, as we are in a world where intolerance is in evidence, I aim to create an atmosphere more conducive to understanding, friendship and camaraderie. Since, despite our diverse origins, we have in common a love and dedication to cinematography.  I am open to ideas and I want to work in the most transparent and democratic way, counting on everyone’s participation and collaboration, especially with the present IMAGO Board whose members are essential to achieve those goals, and to whom I give thanks, especially to the recent interim presidents Adriana Bernal ADFC and Bojana Andric SAS. 

Finally, I would like to pay tribute to Luciano Tovolli AIC, ASC, and the other founding members of IMAGO. ”

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