Camerimage Initiates Homestay Program For 2016!

September 13, 2016

Part of the tradition of CAMERIMAGE Film Festival is to help young filmmakers and film school students to improve their skills through numerous workshops and seminars led by recognised film professionals. To support student attendance at the Festival, the organizers offer a special price for STUDENT Entry Cards and free accommodation for students as part of the Homestay Program.

Homestay was established in 1997. According to its guidelines, students from all over the world can find free of charge accommodation at the private flats and houses of Bydgoszcz host families who, in return, take part in the festival events. This initiative often proves to be a great opportunity to start an unbreakable friendship and learn more about Polish culture, tradition and hospitality.

To enrol for the Homestay Program:
1. Purchase your Student Entry Card online (registration and payments available HERE)
2. Fill out the Homestay entry form (HERE)
3. Wait for your Homestay offer* (will put you in touch with your host)
4. Arrange your arrival and stay with the host

*Please note:
We can only provide accommodation offered by those Bydgoszcz families that decided to take part in the program. Since there are always more students than families interested, we cannot guarantee that accommodation will be found for everyone. Accommodation will be granted on a “first come first served” basis.

Deadline for Homestay student applications: 9 October 2016.

24th Camerimage will be held in Bydgoszcz from the 12th through 19th November 2016

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