Alexa 65 notches-up an impressive list of features

Feb 23, 2016

Cinec, the biennial international trade fair for cine equipment and technology, will take place from 17-19 September, at the MOC in Munich. Cinec provides a unique marketplace as well as a forum for gathering information, networking, and brainstorming to all professionals engaged in the moving picture industry.

In the past few years, 3D stereo and 4K technologies were in the spotlight. However, the focus of Cinec 2016 will be big data, plus cloud and mobile computing, as the industry moves to meet the demand of modern audiences to consume movies on home cinema equipment and mobile devices, as well as at the cinema.

Large format ... both Snowden and Live by Nighr have used Alexa 65
Large format … both Snowden and Live by Night have used Alexa 65

With the likes of Amazon, Netflix and Watchever engaged in new funding, subscription and distribution models, the keywords “High Dynamic Range” (HDR), “Wide Colour Gamut” (WDG), and “High Frame Rate” (HFR) are being discussed as the basic components for digital cinema and the forthcoming Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV – and standards need to be set. Registration for Cinec is now open.

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