University of Salford builds industry-standard sets to bolster film production teaching

Oct 26, 2023

Film Production students at the University of Salford can now make their films on industry-standard film sets after dozens of Salford staff decanted and repurposed a former Aeronautics Hall over the summer.

Based in the Newton Building on our Peel Park campus, the impressive space offers four high quality film sets, dressed with props that have been donated from Creative England. The sets consist of a pub, a street scene with its own car and phone box, a living room with a kitchenette and a separate bedroom and hallway set.

Across the University, dozens of staff from a variety of directorates provided their time and equipment to help bring the sets to life with specialist set construction company Take 1 Scenic building them to a standard that would be common place within the industry.

The work to build the space required removal of a whole mezzanine floor and building the suitable infrastructure on site to power the new sets whilst also making it health and safety complaint. This was led by Jan Bradley, the University Technical Services’ Team Leader.

Thomas Kirby, Programme Lead for BA Film Production, said: “When we first visited the site, it was clear that a lot of work was needed to make it a workable space. However, we could see beyond the clutter and imagine what it could offer to our students and how exciting it would be for them to have an industry standard space.

“This space is transformative in terms of what we can now do for our teaching. Our students will get the sense of what it is like to work in industry rather than trying to simulate this in the classroom.

“They will get the chance to really grow here, try out new ideas and understand how to use the spaces properly so when they step out into industry, they’ll be ready to go with all this experience in their pocket.”

Debra Prinselaar, Director of Film and Broadcast Media at the University of Salford, said: “With the film sets now built, our programme is continuing to go from strength to strength. According to Data HE, we are market leaders in the programme that we offer and the results that we get and I think our competitors will be hard-pressed to catch up with us now that we’ve got these facilities.

“It enhances an already successful programme and if anything, makes it even more attractive to future students. It’s a stepping stone to even greater things.”

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