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TVN takes on GhostFrame technology

Dec 1, 2021

German media service provider TVN and GhostFrame partner AGS AG have agreed on strategic cooperation in rolling out sales activities for GhostFrame on the European market.

GhostFrame can display multiple simultaneous images and video content within one video frame on a single LED wall. TVN sees the undeniable advantages of this technology for use in broadcast and film.

“With GhostFrame, we can show completely different image content in the broadcast signal,” said Julian Rössig, sales manager for TVN. “While the people acting in front of the cameras are supported editorially with background material or additional texts, product information could be displayed for the audience, for example.”

“By adding GhostFrame to our offering, we complement our range of services and offer our customers even more creative flexibility,” Frank Hähnel, CEO for TVN, commented on the partnership.

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