Panalux’s Amphitube X1 takes lead in underwater technology

Oct 3, 2017

Panalux, a leading film industry lighting company, has just released a revolutionary new product: the AmphiTube X1. Taking into consideration the practicalities of lighting productions, this new product is specially sealed for use underwater and easily transfers to land, at full power, without the need of water to cool it.

The most compelling feature of the AmphiTube X1 is that it can be used both on land and is fully submersible—tested to 30 metres under water. With an innovative convection cooling system, the high power, low voltage (SELV) lights do not have to depend on surrounding water to cool it down which means the product is intrinsically safe and extremely versatile – it can be used in any weather condition. Shooting on location is made easier with the AmphiTube X1, which is not challenged by arid deserts, or damp locations. As safety is a feature at the core of this products, it boasts a high quality, waterproof cable which contains both the digital and power feed—and a battery pack can be used if that is more convenient. DMX compatibility also means that the system can be set-up to be used remotely in addition to local control.

The AmphiTube X1 is a customisable lighting system which is packaged as a four-bank setup, with the option available to dismantle and use the tubes in a single setup. Twice as bright as its strongest competitor, the LED system features a bi-colour range between 2800K and 6200K with separate colour and intensity controls for each tube. When used under water, the bi-colour system can compensate for warmer colours, like red, at depth which are usually lost through the visible spectrum of water.

An amphibious light source that easily transitions from land to water and vice versa, it also allows for diversity and adaptability of lighting control. The AmphiTube X1 is a lighting system that lets creativity dominate shoots in changing what is possible technically on set.

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