VERO Studio behind BMW iX3 Premier Edition promo film visuals

Bristol’s VERO virtual production studio was the setting for an eye-catching new promo film for BMW’s new all-electric iX3 Premier Edition recently – using its Desay 2.6mm pixel density LED screen technology to envelop the car in dazzling visuals. The VERO team was approached by BMW to create a studio space to house the iX3 Sports … Read more

VERO Studio creates immersive jungle environment for Channel 4’s Lucy, the Human Chimp

 Channel 4’s Lucy, the Human Chimp documentary aired in April with a mix of archive footage and newly filmed ‘jungle’ reconstructions, with the latter made possible by Bristol-based virtual production studio VERO.  The film, which tells the real-life story of chimp Lucy’s return to the wild after being raised in human surroundings, required cutting-edge technology to … Read more

Industry Wide Shot: Studios

SPACE TO CREATE Despite the obstacles presented by the pandemic a number of new UK studio locations have been announced recently. We round-up some of the latest developments and the role they will play in filmmaking’s future. The shockwaves of 2020 are still being felt throughout the film industry, even though a number of productions … Read more

VERO launches immersive virtual production studio

Pioneering new virtual production solution VERO is now fully operational in the UK, offering high-end LED surround screen backdrop, realtime graphics and powerful in-sync camera tracking. The project brings together content, technology and operations talent from multiple companies, who have joined forces to enable creatives and filmmakers far more on-set visual control. VERO features Desay … Read more

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