Newton Thomas Sigel ASC / Cherry

INNER WARFARE Newton Thomas Sigel ASC constructed a multitude of filmic tones to suit the wide-ranging chapters within Cherry, a hard-hitting and daring production combining crime thriller and love story with originality and impact. First love, the unseen wounds of war, and downward spirals of self-destruction are examined in Cherry, a blend of emotions and … Read more

Alan Stewart BSC / Tom and Jerry

CAT AND MOUSE GAMES Breaking away from the trend of photorealism is the big screen adaption of Tom and Jerry which honours the cartoon heritage of the cat and mouse rivals while placing them within live-action environments. The hybrid approach employed by filmmaker Tim Story (Barbershop) was an interesting challenge for Tom and Jerry cinematographer … Read more

Mo-Sys VP Pro gets Sony Venice integration

Mo-Sys Engineering has integrated its virtual production software – Mo-Sys VP Pro – with the Sony Venice camera. Capturing the dynamic camera settings data direct from the Sony Venice, users can simplify and speed-up virtual production workflows. The Sony Venice full-frame digital cinematography camera is rapidly gaining popularity, not least for the large number of … Read more

Ed Wild BSC / The Wilds

WILD ADVENTURE Ed Wild BSC’s fluid, dynamic cinematography forms an emotional connection in survival series The Wilds. Teen angst meets survival drama in The Wilds, Amazon Prime Video’s 10-part original series following a group of teenagers embarking on what they believe to be an all-girls empowerment retreat. When their plane crashes, stranding them on a … Read more

Bill Dill ASC shares his experiences of teaching cinematography

Karen Pyudik talks to Bill Dill ASC about teaching cinematography and inspiring and empowering the filmmakers of the future as they overcome creative barriers and develop individual relationships to filmmaking. Bill Dill ASC continues to empower the new generation of young filmmakers. He can reach them, where other teachers fail to understand a significant shift … Read more

HBO Europe gothic horror series 30 Coins finished in DaVinci Resolve

Directed and co-written by acclaimed horror master, Álex de la Iglesia, (The Day of the Beast, The Last Circus), 30 Coins takes viewers into a world where nothing is as it seems, and nobody can be trusted. HBO Europe’s eight-episode drama series follows Father Vergara (Eduard Fernández), an exorcist, boxer and ex-convict, who is exiled by the … Read more

Cinematographer Sam Care shares the production story of Marcella series 3

As the popular ITV drama series Marcella returns to our screens, cinematographer Sam Care reveals how he teamed up with director Gilles Bannier to push boundaries and create a stylised look while staying true to some of the series’ classic recurring themes. Initial impressions… I had really enjoyed the first two seasons of the show … Read more

Cinematographer Declan Quinn brings decades of Cooke lens experience to A Suitable Boy with S4/i Primes

When it came time to select lenses for the Lookout Point’s six-episode series of Vikram Seth’s bestselling novel A Suitable Boy, DP Declan Quinn knew exactly what he wanted: Cooke Optics’ flagship spherical S4/i primes. Produced to  extremely high production standards and directed by Indian-American filmmaker Mira Nair, A Suitable Boy tells the story of … Read more

Łukasz Żal PSC / I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

REALITY & ILLUSION Łukasz Żal PSC / I’m Thinking Of Ending Things REALITY & ILLUSION Łukasz Żal PSC / I’m Thinking Of Ending Things  BY: Darek Kuzma Łukasz Żal PSC’s first foray into American cinema, in fact his first feature film after the international success of Paweł Pawlikowski’s Cold War, for which he received his … Read more

Technology is revolutionising production, but it won’t replace people

Technology is revolutionising production, but it won’t replace people Talking Heads / Claus Pfeifer Technology is revolutionising production, but it won’t replace people Talking Heads / Claus Pfeifer Lead image: Sony PSE’s film and TV content expert, Claus Pfeifer Production processes have advanced significantly since the dawn of film, television and broadcast. The days of … Read more

Dynamic Rentals reports uptake in demand for Sony VENICE as production recovers

As productions return to a level not seen since the start of the pandemic, rental houses across Europe are seeing their stocks of Sony VENICE in high demand. Dynamic Rentals, which is in the unique position of being the only rental house globally who exclusively rents to other rental houses, invested in the VENICE  two … Read more

Sex Education for Litepanels

DP Jamie Cairney and director Ben Taylor wanted to pay homage to iconic films like John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club and Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused in Sex Education. “Ben was keen to make the show feel like it was timeless and not set anywhere particular,” explains Cairney, “If you look at the show, it’s not specific … Read more

Brendan Galvin ISC / Unhinged

COMBUSTION Brendan Galvin ISC /Unhinged COMBUSTION Brendan Galvin ISC /Unhinged BY: Ron Prince Unhinged is a psychological thriller that takes a phenomenon many people have experienced – road rage – to an unpredictable and terrifying new level. The film imagines what might happen after an altercation in a traffic jam between two obdurate drivers (Russell … Read more

Bojan Bazelli ASC turns on the style for 6 Underground

Although director Michael Bay leaned heavily on VFX for the Transformers movie series, the director’s reputation for spectacular action sequences shot in-camera remains undiminished. Case in point: 6 Underground, a high-concept blockbuster in the mould of The Rock, Pearl Harbour and Bad Boys. “He has definitely trademarked a certain kind of action film,” says Bojan Bazelli ASC who … Read more

October 2019: Growing Up and Maturing

Growing Up and Maturing Across The Pond / Mark London Williams Growing Up and Maturing Across The Pond / Mark London Williams Lead image: Michael Cioni, global SVP of Innovation; Emery Wells, CEO – Although the calendar stretch between All Hallows and Valentine’s Day (give or take a week or two) sees the run … Read more

Sony returns to Camerimage 2019 with Venice masterclass from Balazs Bolygo BSC

Sony will return to the international film festival Camerimage in Toruń, Poland, to showcase its flagship next generation motion picture camera system VENICE, as well as the newly-launched FX9 Full-Frame 6K sensor camera. Sony will also present a number of workshops, seminars and panel discussions with leading filmmakers and DoPs. A number of films being … Read more

Ben Smithard BSC / Blinded By The Light & Downton Abbey

Double bill Ben Smithard BSC / Blinded By The Light & Downton Abbey Double bill Ben Smithard BSC / Blinded By The Light & Downton Abbey WANT TO READ IT ALL? Below is only a teaser, and the full interview can be found in the September 2019 issue (95) of British Cinematographer magazine. If you purchase a … Read more

Tony Richmond BSC ASC / Restoring Don't Look Now

4K and HDR Restoration Tony Richmond BSC ASC / Don’t Look Now 4K and HDR Restoration Tony Richmond BSC ASC / Don’t Look Now BY: Kevin Hilton A prolific and versatile figure in cinematography, Tony Richmond is known for his association with director Nicolas Roeg, whose science fiction allegory The Man Who Fell to Earth … Read more

Cine Gear Expo to Feature Exhibits, New Tech, Seminars, Awards, Movie Screenings and more

With two weeks to go, Hollywood’s premier industry event is ready to deliver with hundreds of exhibits, dozens of complimentary influencer led seminars, master classes, film competition, awards ceremony, and special film screenings. It is the one event that offers attendees the opportunity to network with industry pros within a world-famous Hollywood studio environment. Exhibits … Read more