Watts Up With DoPchoice?

Belgium-based Tom Van den Abbeele is busy working on feature films, episodic television and occasionally, commercials. As a gaffer and owner of Watts rental company, he knows his way around lighting gear. He was an early-adopter of DoPchoice, first appreciating their “no tummy” Snapgrids for Chimera light banks and then the company’s 4’ x 4’ … Read more

DoPChoice expands its facility and team

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, DoPchoice is expanding its operations with the addition of a new 350sq/m warehouse, plus state-of-the-art commercial sewing and laser cutting machines to increase efficiency and assure product precision of its Snapbags, Rabbit-Ears, Snapgrids and other light directing tools. The company has also added to its international sales team with Spencer Newbury … Read more


Guiding light Spotlight/ DoPchoice Guiding light Spotlight/ DoPchoice BY: Birgit Heidsiek Munich-based DoPchoice has set a new standard for innovative softboxes and grids, now not just in Europe but also around the world. Tested and developed in conjunction with DPs and gaffers, the company’s Butterfly Grids, Snapbags and Snapgrids are multi-functional systems for almost every … Read more

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