Barry Ackroyd BSC / The Outlaw King

Outnumbered Barry Ackroyd BSC / The Outlaw King Outnumbered Barry Ackroyd BSC / The Outlaw King BY: David Wood Cinematographer Barry Ackroyd BSC has a unique shooting style. His handheld documentary techniques have brought a dynamism and energy to features such as The Wind That Shakes The Barley (2006) and The Hurt Locker (2008) to Captain Phillips … Read more

Panavision Unveil Powerful New Tools for Millennium DXL 8K Camera

Panavision revealed advanced new tools for its unprecedented, large-format Millennium DXL 8K camera at their booth at Cine Gear Expo, June 2-3. Demonstrating the evolution of their innovative approach to filmmaking, Panavision debuted a set of fast, wirelessly controlled Primo Artiste lenses that cover the full 8K HDR image; the world’s first HDR OLED Primo … Read more

Michael Cioni / Light Iron

The Technative Innovator / Michael Cioni The Technative Innovator / Michael Cioni It takes a special kind of bloody mindedness and vision to succeed when all about you are predicting failure, but then few people possess the passion and relentless determination of Michael Cioni. The president and co-founder of digital post-production pioneer Light Iron is … Read more