See the Kino Flo MIMIK lighting fixture at BSC Expo

Feb 10, 2023

See the Kino Flo MIMIK lighting fixture at the BSC Expo.

Driven by the Megapixel VR HELIOS LED processor, MIMIK 120 is an image-based video lighting tile that delivers on-set flexibility for control through either the Helios processor or by assigning certain functionality to the lighting desk. This resolves jurisdictional issues in the filmmaking community between VFX and on-set lighting teams.

Embodied in a lightweight carbon fibre frame, MIMIK adapts to on-set configurations with ease and allows for latency-free synchronisation to an LED volume while affording lighting departments control over parameters such as dimming and positioning and colour control.

MIMIK 120 incorporates Kino Flo’s patented Matchmakker technology that addresses the inherent challenges associated with lighting in LED volumes, translating an incoming RGB video signal into five individual emitters (warm white, cool white, red, green and blue) to generate synchronised, full spectrum foreground lighting for the utmost realism on set.

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