Snapbags and Snapgrids work with Kino Flo

August 6, 2016

DoPchoice, maker of professional light directing products, is now offering its Snapbag version of the softbox and Snapgrid snap-up grid systems to fit selected Kino Flo lights.

A departure from traditional softboxes and grids, DoPchoice’s patented Snap Technology cuts installation time to seconds. In a snap the user can remove the Snapbag or Snapgrid from its bag and fit the light-refining tool on to the Kino Flo fixture ready to work.

The Snapgrids are purpose-built to fit Kino Flo’s 2-foot and 4-foot 4Bank, Flathead, Celeb, and Select 30 lighting fixtures. Snapbags are available for the Kino Flo Select 30 fixtures.

The lightweight and self-tightening Snapbag employs highly reflective materials inside to intensify the light while still gently diffusing for soft output. Weighing a few ounces, it quickly attaches to the light fixture via durable elastic straps that hug the rectangular fixture.

Snapgrids mount to the front of a Kino Flo fixture with hook and loop fabric to direct the light and eliminate spill. When the rigid frame is freed from its pouch it instantly stretches the grid into position with no sag. Snapgrids are available for 40 or 50-degree light dispersion.

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