PROLIGHTS adds two new soft lights to the EclPanel range

Jan 27, 2022

After three years from releasing the highly successful EclPanel TWC and EclPanel TWC Jr, Prolights released two new soft light fixtures, the EclPanel TWC Jr 4×1 and the EclPanel TWC Mini 2×1.

The new units have the same features as their bigger brothers, with an RGB+WW source, a CCT range from 2,200K to 15,000K (in film mode), colour modes like HSI, RGBW, gels, source emulation and XY coordinates, and equipped with W-DMX and CRMX. Furthermore, the newly added panels have an Ethernet connection for Art-Net and s/CAN, a 24-36VDC input for connecting to external batteries and an alternative 48VDC input for an external power supply.

In terms of size, the EclPanel TWC Jr 4×1 has the same length as its flagship version, but half the width, making it the perfect fixture for low-ceiling environments, whilst the Mini version is one-quarter of the size of the flagship fixture.

With a 230W source, the EclPanel TWC Jr 4×1 has a total output of nearly 16,000 lumens at 4,000K, and the same high CRI, TCLI and TM30 values as the rest of the range. Despite its small form factor, the Mini has a 115W source, outputting almost 7,000 lumens at the same colour temperature.

The increasing success of Prolights soft lights in major Hollywood productions has contributed to the improvement of several on-board software features, like a wide PWM range up to 40KHz, lower fan noises for silent applications, a high-resolution mode at low dimmer value, and a new dimming curve that offers a 16-bit dimming experience while using an 8-bit dimmer.

The newly released versions have the same accessories available than the previous two, including beam shaping accessories by DoP Choice like the SnapBag and SnapGrid, among others. There is also a pole operated yoke for each version.

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