PROLIGHTS standardises colour output with Spektra

Apr 5, 2022

With an increasing presence in Film, TV and theatre markets, PROLIGHTS has been strengthening its efforts in Research and Development to implement new, cutting-edge innovations within its colour science, to ensure colour consistency and advanced colour control across its product lines.

Every fixture marked as “Spektra™” meets a standard set by PROLIGHTS, and its colours will match with other units with the same marking and guarantee batch consistency over time. The fixtures balance precisely in a controlled and predefined colour space, such as XY/HSI/RGB and CCT modes, gels or source emulation.

Spektra categorises individual light sources during the calibration process, making different luminaires operate in the same CIE1931 colour space. Any fixture with this calibration matches precisely in whites and colours defined during production

The internal algorithm manages the source’s information and helps users obtain the exact colour point across Spektra calibrated fixtures.

This innovation was developed by PROLIGHTS’ R&D and is already present in the company’s latest products. Whether a user is getting a battery-powered uplighter, a soft light, an LED ellipsoidal, or even an LED batten, if they are labelled with “Spektra™ Calibrated”, their colour consistency will be guaranteed.

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