Pinewood MBS Lighting invests in large Digital Sputnik inventory

Oct 5, 2016

As part of its on-going investment into new equipment, Pinewood MBS Lighting has bought a significant number of Digital Sputnik fixtures. Having amassed 60 DS6 fixtures and over 240 single heads, including a quantity of the latest wirelessly controlled DS1 battery-operated lights, Pinewood MBS has become home to the largest Digital Sputnik rental stock in the world.

Digital Sputnik fixtures were used extensively by cinematographer Greig Fraser ACS ASC during filming of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which was supported by Pinewood MBS. The company says Digital Sputnik equipment has since become a key part of lighting lists on a variety of film and television productions.

Pinewood MBS Lighting managing director, Darren Smith said, “Digital Sputnik have proven to be a great example of what new technologies can really achieve. The fixtures are a real asset, particularly as Pinewood MBS continues its drive to deliver cutting-edge technology through investment in low energy and LED solutions, which offer creative improvements and increased functionality over traditional counterparts.”

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